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Hello readers,
This is an idea for an mmo and I would like to say an adult company do something like this.

Before we begin… I would like to say If you are sensitive to (Violence, Blood, Blackmailing, Rape) If anything offends you here, I strongly advise you to read any further.

The Mmo story begins with you being transferred into the world. You'll come to learn that the beautiful world where soon you learn about its history and the danger of the demonic army is that soon invading within 5 years or less. So, you begin your journey in gathering the information as some travelers help you to earn the elements to survive, tutorials.

You'll soon come to forge your name and make a guild where you and the other have the choice to split the resources or fight each other and winner takes all, but both of you sustain damage to your troops. Each option you pick will give different result. Example: (If you choose not to fight, some of the members will lose loyalty points as they believe you are unfit to lead, which might result in them back stabbing you by (1. Attempting to kill you at night, 2- Talking behind your back and spreading false rumors, 3- Sell information about you and the army count as well as the food you like for it to go higher in price, or poison you with it)

In this situation, you have three choices.

A-Kill them and make example. (This will cause the troops to fear you follow your order strictly, the down side is you'll lose on the little information that they might give so they don't die.)

B- Ignore them. (Where your troops will see you as careless as you don't address these issues and you might lose more than few, or some would challenge you for your throne.)
C- Correct them ideas in displaying your cognitive thinking and on top challenge them into an official duel+ A dare for them to kill you at any time. (the troops mortality would rise and they will be on high alert to protect you to gain your favor.)

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As you fight other people and challenge them into PvP. You can set conditions. (Money, Troops, Land, or body "Sex" Oh yeah you read that right! So be ready to Roleplay "RP".)

Now, the loser will be given two options:
1- Submitting to the winner and honor the agreement that you both agreed on. (Increases your honor points where you’ll be praised for your honoring the terms and this will allow other parties to trust in you and lend you power, deals)
2- Resisting and refuse to abide by the term. (Reduce your points and the troops mortality will go down as they hear their leader is a coward and a liar. The city will hate you, increase their prices and some won’t even sell you stuff and curse you when you walk.)

You can get married, increase the influence of the city and merge the lands structure creating a new empire with your flag, add fees to those who wish to enter. Your council will advice you to put troops and spies to protect your empire from falling as others might be eager to raid you and enslave your people and reduce the people's faith in you.

You'll discover new lands and search for exotic bones where your scientists can harness the DNA in your lab to create an egg of the create and hatch it for you. (Dragons, etc)

The A.I would be smart and send a (woman/man/whatever you are into) to seduce you to join them. So in case you are married, you'll be given the choice if you would leave your spouse or marry two of them to increase your power but then you have to deal with the first spouse's jealousy and try to calm it before they turn on you and causes trouble.

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