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5 More Low key / Overshadowed MMO’s with possible 2021 Early 2022 Releases.

Gamingtodaynews1g - 5 More Low key / Overshadowed MMO’s with possible 2021 Early 2022 Releases.

Hey everyone so a little about myself I’m MMO Tavern. Spent the better part of 2 decades playing as many MMO / RPGs I could get my hands on. Now I’m building my community around that new, guides, gameplay etc would love the support if you enjoy the content!

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So now moving on the MMO scene this year is really overshadowing a lot of games with Ashes of Creation, New World, and now Wow TBC Classic. It’s become a lot easier to miss some gems . These are not all smaller games or company’s just getting overshadowed from bigger ones.

  1. Hytale:

I know this art style is not for everyone but this is really what a lot of people wish Minecraft had to offer. It looks like it’s bringing updated pixel graphics, more lore, world bosses, questing, in depth crafting, etc. Now will this be big enough to replace Minecraft? Probably not but still a solid selection. I like the additional options and editing tools they are giving creators for machinima creating.

  1. Chrono Odyssey

This is a Korean MMO with some great art, design , and has set a high bar for itself. Originally set for 2021 looks like it pushed back a confirmation for early 2022. This one I’m holding onto for pure speculation. If graphics and combat even look remotely like what’s shown it will be stunning. But hopefully they have learned from DK Online.

  1. Magic Legends

I really this game catches a lot of hate for the similarities it has with Diablo. But I’m personally super excited to play. Gameplay looks strong, combat is intricate and doesn’t look boring, and bringing in lore for the extensive history of lore in the Magic the Gathering universe will bring great story lines into the game!

  1. Crimson Desert

Now this one is slightly bigger and but it’s just so hard to overlook the graphics and combat of the game. It’s from the creators of blast desert and without clear ideas yet devs have voice that they are wanting to fix issues the BDO player base had with end game content and quests so I think this will hold strong if they stay true to making those changes.

  1. Odin: Valhalla Rising

This one is probably my personal favorite and most hyped MMO coming out. And it’s also the most ambitious. They are claiming immense open world , exploration, death around ever turn, and a rich Nordic lore following the game. The combat , and gameplay trailers give a BDO feel with the open world of skyrim . Hands down the one I’m most excited for.

Let me know what you think! Any that your looking forward too and join our community ! Looking to grow and test MMO’s, RPG,s and Mobiles.

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