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90s FPS Level Design Dilemma – Broken Momentum

Gamingtodaynews1g - 90s FPS Level Design Dilemma - Broken Momentum

Let us say you're playing E2M2 of Doom, an almost perfect FPS where all the stars align in terms of gameplay, graphics, sound and general intricacy of the levels.

GG. you're now lost and no fun for you.

So you slowly use the automap, slowly wandering with it on. Hell you even use IDDT. You get hit first by an Imp fireball from your blindness and are forced to back out of the map to kill them. You have lost your sense of direction and need the map back.


You use a walkthrough video slowly following every step. You do get the catch on the demons, but you are forced to play windowed and constantly alt-tabbing to and fro from those fantastic Zdenda or BigMacDavis videos.

Do you know what this flow or style of gameplay is like? Games like Ultima Underworld or Elder Scrolls Arena, absolute antithesis of Doom. Extremely slow and extremely boring combat held up only with rudimentary RPG mechanics.

Nice. Why aren't you playing those games instead?

Now apply this to the entirety of the godhood FPS games from before Halo.

All these unique perfect games, a gold mine. Macho man rescuing babes, elite squad invading cult island, crazy trenchcoat man with dynamite, soldier going through 4 dimensions of the elements to hunt the inventor of tentacle porn. (insert projared running gag)

GG actually having fun on those games with the main objective of leaving the level hanging on your back, whispering you to run past those enemies and be a speedrunner.

Yet COD? A game with debatably boring shooting mechanics needs an objective marker?


And everyone is complaining about Eternal having one too?

This post was from a whole week of attempting to have fun with these games after sticking with the likes of Halo and Source shooters for so long. It reached a point to where my yelling would be like the NERF Blaster community "wanting a gun that shoots darts straight", like "I want a GOOD fps game where i don't get lost!"

This could just me and my sorry impatient GENZ ass, a curse every one of my age carries with how, the need of instant gratification runs in our genes. It feels shameful, being this way isn't an excuse and I wanna give these games a chance they deserve. It just feels dumb as hell to play these games like the aforementioned Ultima and Elder Scroll's games, two games designed to be slow by nature.

Only Doom Eternal, Half Life and Quake 3 Arena hit the bill, with two of those games requiring you to have fun and kill things to progress and one of them actually having sane level architecture, interactivity and puzzles.

I blame Gauntlet, the arcade game for normalizing this practice in these otherwise perfect games. I can excuse getting lost in Diablo or any isometric roguelike since they're a top down view at all times, but not a genre that's supposed to fill in the fun times after a day of work or limited times in weekends.

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