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A big problem in FFXIV that has been festering for a long time – need to fix it before it gets out of hand

Gamingtodaynews1b - A big problem in FFXIV that has been festering for a long time - need to fix it before it gets out of hand

For those of you who are a part of the mmorpg community; you must be aware of the situation regarding Method guild in world of Warcraft and the whole story revolving around MethodJosh and him abusing his status and power to get minors to do questionable things for him. Things like these can easily malign a game’s reputation and bring a whole host of problems in the long run. This is why I feel protective towards FFXIV Online.

As the FFXIV community is aware; several years ago the Reddit ffxiv discord may have lost its partnership due to NSFW images involving minors on their discord server. This has been an online problem in the game and Yoshi himself addressed and warned people against such activities.

Most of FFXIV’s elite and guidance community is not fragmented like it is in world of Warcraft. We do not have an icyveins or wowhead; all we have is the balance discord. The balance discord literally gate keeps progress for almost all the content and if you want free guides etc then you must go to the balance discord. It does charge members a fee in return for higher ranks and the leader (goes by the name Sayaka, Oh No and many others) has the ultimate power. In the past he has switched ranks around to his alts and other people he knows; but he very much owns the server and he is never afraid to say so.

The problem lies in the fact that this guy is a very nasty person. He used to have a loli channel where minors would be depicted in questionable ways. They also have discord servers on the side that simmer beneath the surface but he was not afraid to bring this side of him to the forefront of the community. Not only does he do this but you can often see him pressure other members into agreeing with things they want no part of. I feel like this guy would one day hurt the entire ffxiv community.

Here he is talking about watching porn near a 6 year old. They also talk about a discord member being 15 and so on:


Below are several videos of him where he constantly brings up sexual themes with people who are minors apparently as he refers to them as “pure”. You will see him repeatedly defend his loli channels and then constantly bring up the subject of pedophilia and “flat chested little guys”. Unfortunately; very similar to MethodJosh he is surrounded by people who are not only loyal to him and help him makes a butt load of money; they enable him to wield a great amount of power – some of them may share the same deplorable fetishes that he does. It often felt like they overpowered people in the discord and led them into sexual conversations. Tiffany Liz for example is a mod on the server and you can see Sayaka discuss these deplorable things with Tiffany Liz. Tiffany Liz is also the person responsible for managing the monk side of things along with speed running. I have linked the videos below. In the past Sayaka may have deleted his username and passed his discord to his alt or friend accounts, but I believe we need to stop this guy from not only associating FFXIV with such disgusting themes but making money off of them – pushing people into the same cesspit. He also has a history of racism but he deleted all of it, you can still see him often calling Germans pedos and stuff like that though (projecting). It’s very nasty on the hidden side-servers too. I am being very light here but watch the clips for yourself, and this is nowhere near the worst of him. They also have Roxa Claire as part of their crew who is one of the world first raiders. You can see some of this in the videos.

He repeatedly admits that he wants to be the way he is but he is afraid of losing sponsorship and therefore he deleted the channel, except that they don’t have sponsorship but they do have their payments going through Patreon

The Balance Discord:

His Patreon:

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