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A discussion on Nintendo re-releasing old games on new systems

Gamingtodaynews1e - A discussion on Nintendo re-releasing old games on new systems

I'm a huge, life-long Nintendo fan. I grew up playing original NES. I remember the day the very first Zelda game hit my local BlockBuster, and getting on the waitlist to rent it. And as a Nintendo superfan, I am so, so disappointed at Nintendo's failure to re-release old games on new systems. Re-releases and backwards compatibility is one area that the other video game companies/systems are completely crushing Nintendo.

I know they have a few NES and SNES games on Switch for those with a Nintendo Online account, but I'm talking like… the full library of games, available for purchase, and for all the old systems. They only have a small selection of games available currently. It just really bums me out that the only way I can replay childhood games like Jet Force Gemini is on an emulator, or to get price gouged by ebay or a local retro shop to find original hardware that is still working.

Why isn't every Zelda game currently available on Switch? Why can't I digitally download old classics from NES, SNES, GB & GBC, N64, GameCube, etc. and play them on whatever the current console is (currently the Switch, but this applies to whatever the next gen console will be too).

One reason I've heard is that the controllers are so different (N64, GameCube and Wii all had vastly different controller layouts); I get that the layout is different, but at the end of the day it's just input mapping, it isn't rocket science. Nintendo already makes officially branded NES and SNES controllers for switch, they could do it for N64 and Cube too. There's already third party sellers that have these controllers on Amazon, so if they can do it so can Nintendo.


Another reason I've heard is software. The hardware processors and software code used on old systems is architecturally different than that of switch, so it would require some non trivial code work. This is true. But if some unpaid fans can make unofficial (and technically illegal) emulator programs that run on PC, I'm 100% sure that a for profit company with paid engineers on staff can easily get an emulator running on Switch, too.

Another reason I've heard is copyright concerns on non Nintendo published games. This is dumb. There's already some non Nintendo games that have been re-released. Just get the accountants and lawyers together and sign a deal, it's just paperwork. If paperwork is really the roadblock, then Nintendo doesn't deserve the profit they're losing to fans who run emulators.

TL:DR – It bums me out that Nintendo is doing such a bad job at re-releasing old content on new systems, and that access to older video game media is such a headache. For the record, I don't run emulators; I want an easy, officially branded way to play these games, but that doesn't exist.

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