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A General Take On MMORPGs

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First let me say that as negative or as positive as I may or may not get here, this genre of gaming has been my favorite since I started playing in 2000 with Ultima Online: Renaissance. This game was the first time I have ever interacted with other people inside a virtual world, living a virtual life – a true escape from the real world.

In my experience with Ultima Online, StarWars Galaxies, Elder Scrolls Online, Fallout 76, and No Mans Sky,

…yes as far as I am concerned NMS and Fallout 76 do fall under the genre because the only parameter that disputes their MMORPG status is their limitation on the amount of players who can play at once on the same server; otherwise they still have the same grinding, role play aspects, questing, and virtual living aspects…

almost every one I have played is like a drug. They are very addictive and appeal to those people who tend to lack a social life outside their family. I mean those are really the only types of people whom I have met online playing and that makes MMORPGs a very needed genre; because we all need socialization of some sort – even if only virtual and yes some non-gamers looking in at us might think that is pathetic.

I feel like since Ultima Online though, something has been missing from the newer MMORPGs. Ultima Online wasn’t the first MMORPG to be released, but it was the first to have the social complexity and environment that it did. It was an open ended world where players could actually truly role play a profession and be recognized for the role in which you chose.

Nowadays I think these newer generation of gamers lost the meaning of what it is to truly role-play and enjoy a game as if they were actually a main character immersed into the virtual world that they are playing.

What I would love to see in an MMO is to have the developers add the original 3 letters RPG back… and then create a game where you actually simulate life. Modern Day and Medieval genres are always welcome but actions should carry consequences, conversations should be open ended, and unpredictability should surprise people.

Think about it, instead of getting shot in a game like Grand Theft Auto 5, what if…. you were driven to, booked and processed into the prison and had to escape to get back to playing in the open game world… after escape you have to find clothes and lose your 5 star wanted level?


In No Mans Sky, what if you landed on a planet and had to fight space raiders that ambushed you from a cave while grinding carbon or sodium? What if we could have the ability to sell starships and pets?

These are all great games, but these are just a few examples of why these games fall short in my opinion; details and a hint of realism in any MMORPG matters!

On a final note, developers seem to lack creativity. If you have an world design and you want players to play on it, they will eventually get bored and want a different environment. Something as simple as adding a new world to the game makes all the difference; my own playstyle involves exploring a great deal and trying to find Easter eggs.

A good example of this is Fallout 76 because their game world uses 3/4 of their world size and the other 1/4 is left restricted, unexplored, and unused.

That is another thing that irks me when it comes to Fallout 76! The game is a great foundation for a permanent fallout base; maybe upgrade the game engine a bit, but overall it’s the perfect foundation.

What if the devs were to merge Fallout 3, and 4 into the game- accessible via train tracks like the Pitt was in Fallout 3? Then they could tweak the storylines a bit and have an awesome Fallout Universe in one game! It wouldn’t take them too much to do that. The developers don’t want to put in the time or energy; have they lost the fact that this genre has a huge cult following?

I won’t even get into the fact they don’t allow us to drop items to the ground in Fallout 76 or that we have a cap on storage because of “server stability”. Doesn’t make sense to me. At the end of the day this game was my favorite modern day Fallout until I got bored and moved to NMS.

Anyway… this genre is still my favorite and if an MMORPG ever gets released with all of the components I enjoy from the genre it wouldn’t be anything for donations to start pouring in because I know I wouldn’t be the only one paying a dedicated sum a month.

However I doubt that would even happen because most developers I have talked to generally don’t see a point in “reinventing the wheel” – tell me when car companies reinvent the sedan or an suv, do they make money? Just a thought…. if you take time to improve a product, you eventually have something your competitors will envy and your customers will cherish.

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