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A good time to try Requiem Rise Of the Reaver.

Gamingtodaynews1f - A good time to try Requiem Rise Of the Reaver.

Tifri is the active server. Currently there is a 300% exp increase until the 1st of January which means leveling up will be really easy! I am new to this game, with limited knowledge on pretty much every aspect, here is some information.(this game is free to play with a cash shop and premium service) I got to level 41 in a few days, with out purchasing anything, so I won't be focusing on the cash shop or premium service.

Players are engineered soldiers created to stave of the advance of horrific creatures that are getting closer and closer to civilized settlements. ( cool story.

4 races, with 2 classes each, and each class has 2 sub classes. I'll try to relate them to more known playable races. Turan(humans) Kruxena(dark elf looking) Bartuk(Orcs) Xenoa(alien looking short elves. Lots of cool classes, check out the website!

getting to level 25 is a breeze, it slows down after that, but with the christmas bonus you won't notice. You get skill points every level to learn new abilities as well as upgrade existing ones. you also get DNA points every level which is another way to customize your character by further upgrading your abilities with passive effects or just increasing their potency. I really like this system, you can have two of the same classes but very different play styles.

Crafting is different, and not really crafting. instead the bits and pieces of enemies you kill act as stat potions, so if you need your accuracy up go kill that creature and you can get your stat potion essentially. enemies drop xenons, which you use to upgrade your equipment with different stat gems you acquire on your adventures, enemies also drop a lot of equipment which you can deconstruct for more xenons, I thought it was free though, and now i'm broke so keep in mind the cost vs what you get/need.

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This game has pvp, that actually looks pretty fun. I only see around 1 active battle ground at a time though. You can create your own free battles as well. Also there is boosted gear for low level players so they can enjoy pvp with higher levels. I only did one match so far, and I sucked but I have much to learn. Also all but 2 zones are PK zones.

PVE seems difficult, dungeon bosses hit hard, and are tough. During certain times on the server at night, nightmare creatures emerge which are really hard and usually require a group to face, but they are needed for quests and i'm sure gear I don't really know yet.

Possession beasts, are creatures you can transform into. You have to fill up a gauge by killing creatures, It lasts for about 30 seconds and when you kill enemies it gains experience eventually you start gaining abilities you can use while in this form. I like that it's short and sweet, not an overwhelming aspect of gameplay, because I don't really like the zora fishman look of the xenoas transormation.

Anyways, when I started a few days ago there was no discord or subreddit for this game. So I made both, in hopes to get this community going again. Hit me up in game on Demoros, or on the discord channel if you want help getting into the game I would be more than happy to level an alt. here's some links (website) (discord link in sidebar!)

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