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A growing problem that has been a problem for a long time now.

Gamingtodaynews1b - A growing problem that has been a problem for a long time now.

I see a lot of talk in various online games, not just MMORPGs but it is very prevelent here. People with social anxiety and solo players are constantly demanding systems in online games to cater toward them. Now every game has a system where solo players don't have to communicate at all and it's ruining the experience for the people that play online games or MMORPGs that play the game TO communicate with other people.

For example, over on Apex Legends, people are constantly demanding more and more things to be added to the ping wheel. They want mic communication to be completely replaced by in game systems. It's getting to the point where the things they are suggesting are actually so much more conveluted than just getting on mic and saying like 2 or 3 words. At this point, why even play an online game? And if you are going to play an online game, at least deal with the fact that the game is made for people who want to actively play and communicate with others and deal with the shortcomings of playing "solo" in a multiplayer game instead of trying to get the game to change to your liking.

We also have obviously seen this with games like WoW who now have so many systems in place to cater to solo or socially anxious players that it's exceedingly hard to find people to communicate with, and for something like an MMORPG, a world of people to communicate with instead of just having it tied to a lobby like a guild or discord.


Back in the day, there were a LOT of socially awkward and anxious people that played MMOs. Do you know what happened? They either bucked up and started talking and ended up coming out better because of it or they stopped playing. This was the case in WoW for years before the expansions started trying to cater to those leaving instead of those who had stayed and helped build the world (server) around them.

Now there is no need for those people to buck up and actually start playing an MMO like an MMO because companies want to retain those players, even at the cost of the players who want a living, breathing world where you have to communicate with the world in order to progress.

Edit: sorry for the rant, I just wanted to get my feelings about the situation out there. I am just so tired of all of this and I just want a new MMO that is catered toward people who actually want to have a server identity and a living, breathing world where you have to communicate to progress and encourages communication.

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