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A heads-up when it comes to game previews

Gamingtodaynews1g - A heads-up when it comes to game previews

This post was made to encourage some discussion regarding games hype, launches and previews and the problems that come along.

First of all I want to make it clear that this is no attack, harassment or anything of the sort towards any of the youtubers I'm going to mention. The main topic of this post it to discuss the credibility of YouTube game critics/journalists when it comes to early game reviews/impressions/etc.

Personally, anytime I hear the sentence "I've been invited to" the credibility of that review/preview is gone. Luke Stephens has recently released a video called "Immortals Fenyx Rising Could Be The Best Ubisoft Game In A Decade". I left a comment there criticizing his video and mentioning the problem of early previews. Went to another account, looked at the video and the comment is gone. So he deleted it/shadow banned me. If anyone is curious here's the comment I posted.

To continue on the topic. Another reviewer, Ranton, has made an

on this topic 4 months ago which gave some food for thought. It discusses this underlying problem of YouTube reviews. The earlier someone can post information about a new game, the likelier it is to get views. To me it seems like a problem that doesn't really have any solutions because on a surface level it benefits everyone – the companies (advertisement for the game), the youtubers (views, therefore possible Patreons, therefore money), and the buyers (gameplay showcase and their favorite youtuber talking about the game) – at the cost of false information, wrong facts or dishonest opinions.

The issue is even more prevalent in the case of these "early looks". Imagine if your livelihood depended on whether you are in good terms with a company or not. Do you think that if you were to start talking shit about their game after they paid for your travel expenses and let you record hours of early gameplay they would ever do the same again? Chances are low. Look at guys like Angry Joe or Ranton or Yahtzee. Then look at SkillUp, ACG or Luke Stephens. (I'm naming these 6 because it's likely that you know them). Most of the times when a youtuber finds themselves in a situation like reviewing a bad/average game they'll try to find whatever is decent and ignore the bad parts or try to understate them. The few times they do bash on a game is when the general consensus is that it is trash or if it's not published by a possible sponsor (EA, Ubisoft, Sony, Activision, etc).

What do you all think about the credibility of early reviews/previews? Do you ever take their word? What makes you pre-order a game or buy it right when it launches?

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