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A History of Abuse – /r/MMORPG Discord

Gamingtodaynews1b - A History of Abuse - /r/MMORPG Discord

We'll see how long it takes for TwoTailedFox or Wonz to sweep this under the rug.

First and foremost, I'm not even going to lie. I have a track record with the mods in the MMORPG. We butt heads often, but there's a reason. I'm going to admit, this is my 3rd ban from the server. But not without good reason. We'll start with the story of Protobear. Protobear was one of the original owners of the Discord. When I first joined the MMORPG Discord. It was pretty chill, I liked the people in there. Everyone was cool and chill, mods were fine. However there would be disagreements and such, as any forum/discussion board goes and people would get fired up.These would escalate into voice chat and such.

It was fine, the mods would come in, mute people getting out of line. It's fine. Mods doing their job. Then it became a game of sport, where mods would purposely mute people for the hell of it and would call it "Mod Abuse" it was t heir little game they played. Anyone who didn't like the idea would either be kicked or in this case banned. I spoke out against it and pretty much Wonz/TwoTailedFox/DRK/Nik/Protobear all had a good laugh and told me to stop being a bitch about it.

That's when shit escalated.There would be times during certain events, (E3/TGS, etc etc) where we'd sit in voice chat and I'd try to communicate and Protobear or one of the other mods would purposely mute my voice comms to prevent me from speaking, not because of the event, but because they didn't want to "hear me speak" and "I was annoying them". When I wasn't talking to them. Asked for an unmute, they told me flat out. "No." So naturally the pent up irritation is going to bleed out some where and that's when I started butting heads with other members of the community.

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I'm not even gonna lie, I've been an asshole to a lot of the people in that Discord. But not nearly as much as the mods are along with the admins (Nik/Protobear) who go out of their way to abuse the power to stifle people's opinions and interject where they're not fit. To give you some insight as to how things run there. This is just a small excert, if Nik or Proto want to come and show the full conversation, feel free. This time I egged my ban and I don't regret it.


But I'd like for people to actually think before joining their little clique. If you're not buddy-buddy with the moderators, you'll pretty much be razed over the coals for the hell of it. Once again, I'll admit. I'm an asshole. My ban is justified this time because I was being a prick.

However there was also a time where Wonz came into chat drunk and decided it would be a fun idea to play "Russian Mod Roulette" and kick people from a list. My name was added to the list for "sport" when I was just minding my own business. I couldn't speak up against it due to being muted in voice chat and server chat by Protobear. The idea was to try to kick people, but try to personally have the mods pull my name as a reason to openly ban me during the period where I was actually on good behavior.

My ban tonight was due to me being openly antagonized by a player who kept advertising about his Archlord 2 Private Server and I didn't actually give a shit. Told him to honestly shut the fuck up about it since I was talking about ANOTHER server that was going into beta testing. I went ahead and pinged the mods myself to sort the situation out. The mods gave a warning, but Nik, the current server owner interjected and decided to mute the person antagonizing me, but ban me for losing my cool and taking the bait of the other guy. I incited the ban by being cocky and therefore I took my L.

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I'm sure TwoTailedFox or someone from the mod team will try to bury this. So I've cross-linked it onto another sub. But we'll go from there.

As this is their playing field. To them I'm the toxic enemy who causes ruckus among the community. If I had more evidence I'd provide it. But that's all I got. Oh and by no means do the mods have anything to prove, they can choose not to come in and defend themselves. Totally fine. I just want you guys to understand the shit that happens behind closed doors.

Sincerely, Oyo

P.S.- Protobear smells.

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