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A letter to ALL MMORPG developers.

Gamingtodaynews1e - A letter to ALL MMORPG developers.

My english is bad, so i apologize for taht.

i will not type a big letter here now, but i want MMORPG developer to read this.

How mmorpg are made today is not how they work.

u forgot waht mmorpg is about and the reason WoW and RO back in the days was so good.

its not about farming solo to catch up to high lvl as quick as possible so you can catch up.

its not about we pay for random loot boxes to get the best stuff.

its not about farming the same dungeons 100 times to get the best gear.

its not about a shitty linear storry you made without any exploring.

waht we want is gameplay. friends to play the game with and exploring the map.

we want mmorpgs taht is not meant to beat alone. is meant to group up on the begin with and making friends while do so.

we want mmorpgs you go off the way and find a little house with an item in it. a item you only get if you go there and complete the quest with your team. a quest you wont see on the map. a quest taht wants to be found with a good reward on it.

we want mmorpgs we go under a bridge and find a item – maybe useless but funny to use (aka mesmerizing fruit hat from wow)

we want optional hidden caves we can go in, explore and get good items out of it. but not just a easy go in solo and do it first try – cave

we want a big map to explore and find items taht is not easily be found. maybe usefull for pve and pvp.

we dont want to be one of 1000 players. we want to be special. we want to get something to explore YOUR world. we dont want to run around in BDO all the way to the top left for like 30 minutes just to find emptyness. and even the small island around there. empty. useless. time waste. a reason to leave the game. exploring is not rewarded.

we want to be special. "hey where do you got this mount? i didnt saw it before"

"where do you get this items?"

mmorpg now are just solo-grind simulator. u dont even have to explore anymore and get every items on the story line or normal raids everyone can see and beat easily bcs they arent even hard to do. even ffxiv gets easier patch by patch. less skills to use, less phases and attacks from bosses. classes got easier. tanking easier. everything easier.

for sure raids can be fun. but mostly you play them with randoms u dont even know and you go apart.

you run through the game solo, dont care about the map and exploring because there is nothing. or its just to linear to do anything.

i want old days back.

where me and my friends, i found as we was in payon cave (ragnarok online) trying out payon cave 2 and died over and over again. but it was fun. exploring the big maps until we found monsters we never saw before. i was the most of my game time in payon cave. i was overlvld there but i didnt care. i didnt wanted to be the best and fastest. i was go into payon cave (1)!! all over and over again just to meet my friends hanging out there aswell.


we want to find a new friend, taht shows us a dungeon we never heard of (left from prontera) we never was in before which requiert a quest from a npc taht is not leaded to by the game.

we want secrets. we want to have fun. we want to be players. and not payers. we want to explore a world. tahts waht a MMORPG meant to be.

we rather pay 13-15dollar a month than luck boxes. we rahter pay monthly than a rich newbie comes in the game pay itself up in 1 hours and has the same progress like someone played the game for years.

we dont want content, we took months to beat it (aka ffxiv) just 1 year later u can do it with the half group. mounts are worth nothing anymore and you just feel like you have to quit the shit game bcs its nonsense and timewaste you are doing. you get titles was hard once to get (t9 savage etc) are to get easily as fk now and all your time spend into the game is wasted and made by new players within a week you took 1 year for.

so waht? you mean tahts bcs "catching up?" na its not.

i rather help someone through the hard lvl 50 bosses, bcs tahts when friendship starts instead of doing it with lvl 80 solo. i quitet ffxiv for this reason. you spend time into mounts to farm, just so the drop chance increase and the bosses are easily made solo or in a 3 men group.

im tired playing mmorpg this days. they arent waht they meant to me.

MMORPG means to me friendship and exploring. and not a dungeon scroller to get the best stat on the gear. (if random stats even exist)

in my opinnion. a mmorpg DONT NEED a story quest. it just need a big world. secret areas. quests you HAVE TO DO to unlock another quests taht lead you into a new area u was not able to go without those quests. MOUNTS u can only get on this hidden areas. mounts people are like "where you got this from?"

a mmorpg dont needs a storyline. it needs a living world with small quest-storys from the npcs.

but i feel like we never will get this. and why? wahts the reason?

it would cost to much. such a mmorpg needs lots of testing and develop time. all the developers and companies want now is cash. not happy players. they rather sell costume and cash items in a wheel u get with a 0,1% chance you have to play 2-5 dollars for 1 roll instead of gameplay.

i want to share another reddit post:

thanks for reading my bad english. and everyone dislike this, never played a good mmorpg back 15-19 years ago. or are those developers.

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