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A little something to say about Homefront: The Revolution (Yes, I know).

Gamingtodaynews1b - A little something to say about Homefront: The Revolution (Yes, I know).

Hello all, I just wanted to spill the beans on what I think of the game that was called "the worst shooter of this generation", and that would be 2016's Homefront: The Revolution. This might end up being a long emotional rant about a game that 3/4 of the gaming press have bashed (which totally contradicts the 'little' part of the post's title), but please bare with me.

Disclaimer: I haven't played the Beyond the Walls expansion that concludes the story, as I've played a lot of what I played in the past couple of years at a cybercafe, and for some reason Homefront: TR was there with The Voice of Freedom and Aftermath as the only two story expansions available, so a gameplay video of Beyond the Walls was how I experienced the last expansion.

If you were among the few people who decided to give it a shot and went through it all even after you've seen all those negative reviews about the game-breaking bugs and the "Do Not Buy" warnings for console owners, then I'm glad you've went through such an underappreciated and amazing experience the same as me. Yahtzee from Zero Punctuation will rue the fucking day, as Walker (kind of) said.

The thing I want to say about this art form that we like so much, that is video games, is that it evolved from just one line you're moving up and down to bounce a square ball against another identical line that's being controlled by a computer as a form of a fun time-waster for when you're bored to something that can fill your early years of living with joy, thrills, suspense, even fear and deep-thinking then for all of those feelings to leave a stamp of memories on your mind for a lifetime to come.

I loved Homefront: The Revolution because it was one of the very few games that gave me a dose of all what you could feel during your time experiencing a plethora of different games of different tales, of different types of fun, of different genres all together; and that is what I felt playing just one game. Feels.

You are Ethan Brady, a fresh new recruit into the guerilla resistance that is just barely holding itself together against a North Korea from a timeline different than real life's that was the starter of the Digital Revolution of the 1970's, and thanks to them we got smartphones and AR glasses by just 2004, and it's also thanks to them that America went toe-to-toe with the Middle East then the country eventually had it's unemployment rates skyrocketing the world's once strongest nation into economic failure and when things seemed like they can't get much worse, The Korean People's Army was on it's way to invade and occupy the country as a way to handle America's debt to them, but not without entirely disabling all North Korean-manufactured weaponry that was bought by the American military via a backdoor, which was all of the American arsenal. And then it was (literal) forced boot-licking as demanded by the totalitarian douchebags.


That summary of what goes on in the game may not seem all that outstanding when looking at many other franchises both inside and outside of the gaming industry, but the game and it's events were so impacting on me because… well, it reminds how possible it is for something similar to happen to my own country.

As I mentioned in an earlier bit of the post, I've played everything in the past couple of years at a cybercafe and still do as of now, due to the fact that not many people in my nation have a good enough salary to buy even something as simple as a small apartment and start a family, or pursue their dreams without resorting to a 'voucher' or to good family ties, or to, of course, money. One of the things that is similar to what the weak and incapable have to go through in my country is the journal entry of a KPA (Korean People's Army) soldier who was writing to his significant other expressing how he misses being at his homeland and enjoying himself alongside his lover, and how he thinks that "America is a disgusting place" because of the sheer poverty and deteriorating state of the country after the world's gone crazy. Replace the KPA soldier with a military soldier from my nation who was forced to serve for at least a year under abhorrent conditions, his significant other with his family whom he haven't seen in lots of rough months or even years, and the KPA soldier's opinion of America with my nation's soldier's opinion of the rifle cove he's more or less a prisoner of.

I want to go on to be honest, or else this will seem rushed and not really telling of how my real life country might end up being as screwed up as Homefront: TR's Korean-occupied America, albeit because of our own inner rulership; but this is a gaming subreddit, not a political rant subreddit.

I'd like to thank the developers of Homefront: The Revolution for going through all the trouble prior to and during development to bring this game to life, and to everyone who didn't let other people's negative opinions cloud their judgement about something they haven't felt for themselves.

"I'd rather live a noble slave than become a monster in the name of freedom." – Dr. Sam Burnett

P.S: I should mention that we had our very own version of Benjamin Walker. What's strange is that his first name also begins with a B and he was accused of being a traitor and propaganda-spreader, when in reality he was exposing the people that those descriptors apply to. Thankfully he was wasn't imprisoned and tortured like Walker was, he just had to leave the country in a hurry after waking up to know that he lost the lawsuit against the TV channel he was previously airing his 'propaganda-spreading' show on.

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