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A message for people, who idolize indie games.

Gamingtodaynews1f - A message for people, who idolize indie games.

People love to say why indie games are better than AAA games. They believe that indie developers are much more conscientious. Because, unlike AAA games, indie games don't have microtransactions, and their developers are threating people very well (except for YandereDev). And I have a question who idolize indie games.


"Of course", – you are saying, and you will show me some indie games on Nintendo Switch. We have really popular indies like Undertale, Terraria, Among Us and Stardew Valley, which are playing by most of gamers. But how about a really niche indie games, which are having critical acclaim, but not gained high popularity? Do you hear about Dust: An Elysian Tail? This game was developed by one person (except for music and voice acting). I really enjoyed this game. It was took 4 years for a developer and it becomed a critical acclaimed game. Man, it even looks good like you are watching a Disney animated movie. I played a lot of indie games. I can name them: Hyper Light Drifter, Iconoclasts, Stardew Valley, Starbound, Celeste, VVVVVV, Super Meat Boy, Dead Cells, Enter the Gungeon, Touhou and many others. Indie games are easier to get and have less requirements for players

Then, what about games which are hyped by let's players and memes? Helltaker was very popular game for a short period of time because it becomed a fuel for Rule 34 artists and memes. But it's a casual game with very little of content. Untitled Goose Game also hyped, but was abandoned by many. They are just meme games. I remember times when genre of indie horrors where popular among youtubers. Take for example Bendy and the Ink Machine, which spawned a huge fandom of 12 year olds. Now it's hype train is over, and not most of gamers remember this game. Or just take for example Baldi's basics, which is actually was a parody of indie horrors, but it also spawned a fandom. Some games like Yandere Simulator also regain a huge fandom despite of quality.

I should to mention that most of indie games on Steam and eShop are usually thrash or uninteresting games, which are looking the same in concept and aesthetics. I was in DTF website, where some indie developers posted their works to gain an audience. Most of them are bad looking.

Why people love to complain that indie games are better than AAA? Because indie developers have much less responsibility than AAA developers. If an indie developer releases a mediocre game, everyone will of forgive him because he did his work so hard. But when it makes a big company, many gamers are raging.

Then we already formed an anticapilaism culture. I played Borderlands 2. In this game, you are fighting against evil corporation Hyperion which is ruled by Handsome Jack. Then, the shopkeeper Magnus is portrayed as a greedy jerk, who want only your money. And now notice that you are actually playing a game, which are created by a big company, which is having a bad reputation because of threating consumers like moneybags. And this is not only example. In Final Fantasy VII you are fighthing an evil corporation Shin-Ra. In Deus Ex, capitalists are portrayed as bad people. In Simpsons we have evil capitalist Burns. In the first Robocop movie, we see a capitalism criticism. In James Cameron's Avatar good Na'Vi are fighting against corporation. Man, cyberpunk genre is fully created on this idea, including recently released Cyberpunk 2077.

What we see, actually? Western civilization, which is standing on capitalism, formed an anticapitalism culture. And ironically, anticapitalistic titles are created by greedy capitalists. Why? Because people (especially young ones) love anticapilalism stories, and it gives more profit for capitalists. Isn't it ironic? Capitalism is already destroying itself by creating anticapitalism propaganda because it gives them more money.

As an russian I interested in history of my country. I read, that in USSR we don't have much cultural titles, where someone criticizing communism ideas. The Soviet government has been rooting out any criticism of socialism, and that is why there is so little anti-Soviet literature. For example, many of Bulgakov's books that criticized communism were published much later, decades later. And in film adaptations, criticism of the Soviet government is usually removed. The exception is the adaptation of "Heart of a Dog", but it was released in the 80's when the government began to weaken. USSR was destroyed not because of it's civilian's rage. It was destroyed by economical factors and governemnt's stupidity. And that's why 1990s becamed hard times for brainwashed russians. All ideals, which are propaganded by USSR, where ruined, and many people just killed themselves because they don't want to accept the reality. In USSR we have a serious propaganda and censor machine. And all people where brainwaished by communism ideas. Not many people want to rebel the governemnt.


In contrast to USSR, western countries like USA have the right to freedom of speech. No one restricts you from expressing your opinion about current politics. Censorship in the United States is minimal and there was a time when young people of the 60s and 70s protested in the streets, thereby changing society, ridding it of conservatism. And this gave talented people the road to cinema and other areas of mass culture. And we see it even in today's days. Now Western culture is trying to educate minority topics like homosexuality, gender identity, and racism.

Most of us are raised on anticapitalistic works, and we think big companies are bad. In principle, this is not far from the truth. Because many large gaming companies have become worse at treating their consumers. And for me, who prefers AAA games, is a bad thing. And it will get worse and worse. Since companies don't want to listen to us, and the gaming industry isn't changing for the better, we are going into a kind of escapism in the face of indie games. They seem to us better than AAA games because we know only superficially about the indie scene. That's why we idealize the past by immersing ourselves in nostalgia for retro games. Here we see that because of the fashion for nostalgia, developers have started to make more games in the retro style. Gaming companies are also keeping up with this trend. But unlike indie developers, they release remakes and remasters more often than they repeat the games of the 90s. So nostalgia also fuels capitalism. I have nothing against nostalgia, but if we go too far with it, there is a chance that we will just plunge into retrograde.

I would not be surprised if in the near future the gaming industry will completely abandon AAA games. People will just stop buying them. Developing such projects costs a lot of money and effort. Developers just burn out at work. And as games become more expensive, gaming companies will have to resort to the most honest methods of monetization. And along with this, the quality of AAA games decreases. And any attempt by major studios to innovate like indie games usually turns out to be a failure. It is possible that in the near future, game studios will follow the example of Konami. Companies will simply stop creating AAA games. They will just go to mobile phones and low-budget games. This is especially noticeable in the Japanese gaming industry, which is gradually moving into the mobile market. And as we start to idealize indie games, we will pay more attention to them. But unfortunately the market is full of indie games, and to find at least something suitable in the stream of all the garbage is an impossible task. In other words, developers and consumers will find themselves in a situation where they both lose.

Thus, the gaming industry will be in a deplorable state, where there is only room for indie and mobile games. It will be destroyed not only by greedy corporations, but also by consumers. If CEO's and managers don't rethink their business, it could be a tragedy for the entire industry. Unfortunately, the probability of an imminent collapse is quite high. And we can't influence it

But maybe it's for the best. People are already ready to sit on a kind of" diet " of indie games. And perhaps this will give the gaming industry a chance to rest and recover from all the failures. After all, if you remember the crisis of 1983, it only went to the benefit. The developers understood how the industry should work, and not without the help of Nintendo, they restored it. And even made it better. It is possible that with the money earned, indie developers will open their own studios and rule the gaming industry. And this, in turn, will revive high-budget games that will be developed on the principles of creativity and fairness.

I remind you that I don't like indie games. I prefer to buy AAA games. I think that people who praise indie just fell into stupidity. But we are living in dark times. Therefore, for a radical change, we will have to take even drastic measures. For me, indie is a lesser evil than corporate greed. So if only Indies remain in the gaming industry, then let them. I have enough AAA games and hobbies as it is. And I have a life. Who knows, maybe in the near future the state system will change altogether.

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