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A Messages To Android IOS MMORPG Developer

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A Messages To Android IOS MMORPG Developer

I have played the top tier android and ios mmorpg like black desert mobile, lineage, ragnarok mobile.

  1. Stop telling player what to do, What npc to talk to, where to go, what mobs to kill. Let player find on their own.

  1. auto path is fine, but just for traveling long distant or to locate remote NPC (like potion seller)

  1. Stop giving player unlimited skills cast. Look at how World of warcraft classic and ragnarok online. They have limited skills spam and need to rest from 1 fight to another.

areal/collateral damage is a joke too, it has no respect to the monsters. Old mmorpg fight mobs 1 by 1. not 1 strike hit all 5 mobs all the time.

  1. give variety of leveling place. Example i leveling my sorcerer fighting rats-insect-wolf-kobold-orc-ogre-zombie-giant-demon.

I dont want to walk the same path on my alternate character. This time i want to fight another mobs. If there is 10 class, it should be 10 path of leveling. Just add variety of leveling place and mobs. Add a little lore. Stop doing shitty story quest, nobody play it for the 2nd time.

  1. Stop doing shitty story quest. nobody plays it. Most player just skip the cutscene like a cat bashing rats. add more leveling place and mobs instead.

  1. Stop giving meaningless achievement. Who give a crap about achievement??? This is the most shitty features in the modern mmorpg. Last time we dont have this nonscene. This is ridiculous beyond comprehension.

  1. auto play is fine. But give it to the premium player (player who subscribe to the game) only. and this bot will sell junk loot and restock potion. so subs player will have level advantage over other free players.

  1. graphic is important. to be honest, bdo mobile has not much different than lineage or ragnarok mobile. but i prefer it because of fancy graphic. bdo mobile also can zoom out and see the sky, but lineage cant.

  1. Stop making equipment enhancement complicated. so you dont need to do shitty complicated tutorial about it. just make it simple. its really just a simple thing anyway.

  1. Encourage player interaction. organic team up when fighting mobs is important. we dont need to party or lobby game everytime.

Just make it like this. If player leveling alone, it will be slower, because mobs spawn with gang. if u leveling alone, u need to kite to avoid dying and need to carefully not to agro too many mobs. but if player gangbang the mobs if other player, the exp will be faster, because mobs die faster, and u take less damage, no need extra potions.

i love organic team up, u just meet a new dude and fight together, no need to talk or anything. this how bond were make in the old mmorpg. modern mmorpg all content is solo.

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