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A non RPG MMO recommendation for everyone looking for proper sandbox MMORPG’s.

Gamingtodaynews1g - A non RPG MMO recommendation for everyone looking for proper sandbox MMORPG's.

As you know the market is saturated with MMORPG's that are played more like singleplayer games without any proper player interaction. I spent a long time looking for a proper sandbox but I wasn't able to find one. Then I found Foxhole.

Foxhole is an Online Isometric Shooter game. The game basically simulates a war and you just a soldier in an army of thousands because of that you cant do anything alone, and the game isn't just about combat. Every piece of weaponry that you use ingame is first researched and then created by another player and then has to be supplied to the frontlines to be picked up and used by the players that are doing the fighting. Not only the weapons, the vehicles, ammuniton, fuel, everything you can think of in this game is created by players and supplied to other players. The map is very dynamic since teams constanly build and destroy other teams outposts. The best part about all of this is that It's really hard to do alone so you need other players support which you get by talking and interacting with them locally. The servers get reseted everytime a war ends. Since there is not any character progression since it isn't a rpg the resets don't really hurt you much and a war can go up to 2-3 real time week at times. It has absolutely no P2W elements. The game is b2p and in EA yet it feels pretty complete with no outstanding bugs.

Let me give you a few examples interactions you have to partake in or won't be able to do what you're aiming to do:

-If you're using a mortar or howitzer in order to shell the enemy positions you need a spotter since your weapon can only hit exact distances and those distances are outside of your vision.For example with a mortar you can only hit targets that are between 45-65M and your vision can only see up to 30m since its isometric so you need someone with a binoculars to tell you to fire at the exact angle and distance the target is in.


-While building any kind of defences(or anything at all) It takes too long to build by yourself without getting stormed in the frontlines or if you are building something like a wall behind the frontline it takes way too long alone. You can technically do this alone but generally whenever people see you doing building they'll try to coordinate the building and help you so you can reinforce the base faster.

-Demanding supplies from people working the logistics is another one of these . If you want Anti-tank weapons or sth. else you generally have to request it from people to get it delivered.

These are only small examples but the game heavily rewards cooperating with others and makes it very very hard to do anything alone so if you're looking for a game where you can have meaningful interaction with other players instead of grinding quest alone I recommend foxhole.

P.S. English is my second language so my english essay writing skills are very bad. Sorry for the long wall of text that probably could be written in way less words by a native but I really like this game and people that are looking for player interaction in an online game. Also the game isn't a proper Sandbox as in there really isn't anything to do other than help your side in the war but there are so many ways to help your side that it feels sandboxy.

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