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A rant about how upGuildwars 2 has gone downhill these past few years.

Gamingtodaynews1f - A rant about how upGuildwars 2 has gone downhill these past few years.

The past month I decided to get back into GW2 like I've done every year since it came out. This time around rather than level a new character like I always have, I decided to focus on endgame content. I've never been more dissapointed by my experience.

First off, it feels like the games become stagnant. The last two years the game has focused on seasonal episodic content that typically adds new maps where you're supposed to grind the same events over and over and over and over again for cosmetics that honestly feel a bit lack luster. Most of these events feel too similar to what was in all the other maps added. If this kind of content doesnt appease you then you're out of luck; this is majority of the only content added to the game. It just all feels too similar and definitely too repetetive to be any fun.

The only other significant content added were strikes which are supposed to be (relatively) easy large party content meant to ease new players into raiding. I have no gripe with the content itself, its actually pretty fun. My problem here is with the community. For content so easy, the community on average is surprisingly toxic. While there are a fair amount of wonderful, helpful players, my experience has mostly been toxic. The following events aren't the entirety of what I experienced, but just some notable ones. One time, as I was just getting into group content, I joined a party to fill a role that was asked for using a build I was told would fill that role from previous parties. Mid run I was kicked for using what the leader said "wasn't a true version" of that build. When asked what was wrong and what I should change I was immediately blocked. Now I'm normally the first to say "well if you're frequently encountering issues maybe the reason is you" but the toxicity wasnt even directed at me most of the time. I've lost count of the number of times other players were chastised for using builds others didnt like even in the easiest of end game group content which could be cleared with even the worst builds in the game. One time a player straight up bullied what was clearly a newer player out of the party and the leader did nothing because him and the toxic player where friends.


My final major problem with the game is how prevalent timegates are. End game crafting materials are timegated to one refinement for certain items per day. Loot from major overworld content( like the final steps in the new mapa) is limited to once per day. Loot from dungeons are limited to once per day. Unlocking new mounts which in gw2 serve as upgrade in a metroidvania have multiple multistep stages with each step being limited to once per day. The list goes on. Theres so much content that timegated so not only do you have a game that's insanely repetitive even for an MMO, your ability to participate is arbitrarily limited with nearly every step you take. Ive played many MMOs and only has one other made me feel like I was just checking off daily chores off a list like gw2 has.

This is all made more frustrating by the fact that I WANT to love the game. I genuinely love the combat and the exploration which keeps me coming back every year despite the rest of the game boring me to death. It's just frustrating to see both the community and current content in such a horrible state. If this rant makes me seem salty or angry that's because I am. It's so frustrating to see all this potential go down the drain in a game I've been a part of for years ever since it first released.

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