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A real reason not to support the Epic Games Exclusives

Gamingtodaynews1b - A real reason not to support the Epic Games Exclusives

Okay so I'm seeing a lot of flame wars between people about "Epic Games Bad" and "Get over it, its just a launcher" So I wanted to get on and address my logical reasoning behind not supporting the business practices that Epic is pursing as well as explain why I think they are a bad thing.

Competing with Steam is absolutely a good thing. Steam has had a de-facto monopoly in a lot of ways and forcing them into making updates etc is wonderful. That's not a problem for me at all. Nor is having multiple launchers:
I have Steam,, Origin, Bethesda, etc. You want to keep your games on your launcher? Cool. You want to include other games on your launcher? Also cool. You want to force me to use your launcher because you paid the company off? Not cool. Let me explain my issues with that and why its a bad thing.

Epic is charging lower royalties for the devs on each sale. I like this and support it. The devs do a lot of work. That said, forcing people into using your platform in this fashion, via bribery essentially, is a bad way to do business. I'd be willing to bet that if they did succeed in bringing Steam down or hurting them significantly, they would up the royalty charges. What they should be doing is allowing people the choice. And its a really simple thing to do.


Take your lower royalty charges for distribution and pass the savings to the customer. Charge the devs 10% instead of 30% per transaction. Then make the game only $50 on your platform instead of $60. A lot more people would be open to migrating to save a few dollars than via this forced hijacking behaviour that has everyone in an uproar. This would be competition. This would be a real reason to actually SUPPORT Epic games. Instead they are attempting to brow beat the player bases of loyal games into migrating to their platform. Its not competition. Its attempted hijacking.

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I think that's a bad thing for everyone long term and I don't think we should spend our money to support it. Wait until it comes out on Steam and let Epic waste all their money doing stupid things like this until they learn better.

Note: I'm not addressing alleged security concerns or anything like that. Simply why the business practice in and of itself is bad for everyone long-term.

TL;DR; Its attempted hijacking of players to be doing what Epic is right now. They should be trying to compete in an open fair way with Steam, pass the savings on to customers. Its a shady business practice with bad long-term implications. I don't think we should be supporting it with our money.

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