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A realization I had playing ESO…

Gamingtodaynews1b - A realization I had playing ESO...

This post goes out for anyone who's struggling to find an MMO to stick with right now, as trust me I've been feeling the same for the last couple years! But anyways, I decided I'd finally give ESO a try again, something I've done multiple times but everytime I logged in it'd just feel wrong and boring and I'd leave. I realized I never truly gave the game a chance, and I think sometimes some games give you a pretty good feel of how they are from the start and it's okay to give up early, and I think ESO might ALSO be one of those games, but then I did something differently. I've never ONCE in my life invested myself into the lore/story of a game. I've always considered it nice to play a game with vast and interesting lore, such as WoW for example, but I've never actually read quest dialogue extensively. When I picked up ESO this time, I started just rushing through every quest as well, starting in Elsweyr. Soon after though, I had a friend ask me if I was investing myself in the lore because he heard the game had like "billions of words of quest text" which whether or not that's true, I don't know. However, that statement made me realize that hey, maybe quests are an important aspect of that RPG feel.

I immediately started reading every quest bubble, turned my sound up to hear all the ambient dialogue, etc. It took some time, but I quickly started getting extremely immersed, especially just walking around the environment knowing the "threat" that was posed to me at the time with basically everyone being my enemy. I always used to laugh at people who talked that way, talking about "immersion" and talking like the game could make them feel some way. Truth is, they're the ones REALLY enjoying the game.


I've now made it through the whole Elsweyr and Greymoor main storylines, and I've never felt this addicted to a game before. The world makes sense for once to me, and despite me being somewhat unkillable to some degree, I still feel the "danger" knowing the true scope of evil around me which is kinda a cool feeling I've never had before. I've been so invested, I'd played this game nonstop and unlike every other MMO I've played, I haven't had a single stream open in the background. Just solely me and the game. This whole experience has made me realize that I've been playing MMORPGs for the MMO part this entire time, while completely neglecting the RPG aspect of it.

The point of me making this long ass post (which is also like the only thing I've ever posted on reddit for that matter) is that I hope someone out there who can't find enjoyment in any games right now will take my advice on this one. READ THE STUFF! I agree, some game definitely aren't meant to be that story immersing, and in that instance I think it's okay to just play the game as an "MMO". The problem is, most of the popular MMOs worth giving a shot right now ARE story-driven games: FFXIV, ESO, WOW, etc. If you don't enjoy any of them, try playing them with a different mindset that I took to ESO, and it might completely change the game for you.

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