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Adding a GW1 inspired skill-tree system to my small mmorpg

Gamingtodaynews1f - Adding a GW1 inspired skill-tree system to my small mmorpg

Hi 🙂

Today patch v0.60 of my indie f2p mmorpg game
Slay Together - Adding a GW1 inspired skill-tree system to my small mmorpg

Slay Together came out and it contains the very first version of the skill system which is also the last core system that needed to get added to Slay Together in order to make it a fully enjoyable (but small) MMORPG.

For sure there are more systems and features upcoming like:

  • groups and guilds
  • advanced character creation
  • housing
  • pvp

…and much more but for now I celebrate that the core functionalites are implemented and that a single developer can create an entire small online mmo 🙂

The new skill system

My main reference games are FlyFF and Metin2 but I never really liked their skill-system so I decided to create a more "loot-based" skill-tree where you have to drop the skills in the entire world and at specific places. This system is mostly inspired by Guild Wars 1. Dropping elite skills at specific monsters in GW1 was one of the moments I enjoyed the most back in the old mmorpg days – so yeah – here we are now and this is my hommage to the original system.

You can drop skill-scrolls at enemies lv. 15 or higher. Please notice that you are not able drop items if you are 9 levels above the enemy level. The scrolls can be dropped in different rare stages (similar to Guild Wars 1). The chance to get a skill-scroll is up to 5%.


Other adjustments that came with the patch

  • the inventory lags got removed
  • bow auto attacks are now AOE (piercing arrows)
  • potions packages are not stackable anymore but you can buy a package with 100 potions (before 25) at the vendor

What's up next

I'm working on the character clothing system. During the next days i'll add two armor sets that you will be able to drop around the world. I'll also add the shield items soon. The character creation system is also nearly done and is planned to be patched right after releasing the clothing system.

I can really see a bright future for the game and I hope it goes on like this!Thanks to everyone here on reddit who supported me over the last few posts 🙂

Creating a community driven game is really fun for me and I'm happy that some of you're so well involved in it.

Please tell me your feedback!

If you haven't played Slay Together you can get it here for free on Steam:
Slay Together - Adding a GW1 inspired skill-tree system to my small mmorpg

In case you want to help me developing this game into a gem please join me on Discord:

Happy Slaying 🙂

Thank you

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