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After playing Mario 64 again, I realized how much better Ocarina of Time is.

Gamingtodaynews1g - After playing Mario 64 again, I realized how much better Ocarina of Time is.

Just got the 120th star in Mario 64 and it just blows my mind how Nintendo made so many improvements with Ocarina of Time when it comes to the camera, controls, level design and gameplay scenarios in general.

While both fit into different genres they are still 3D action games. So comparing them doesn't seem too outlandish.

64 is in many ways an amazing game. The game shines the most when you play courses mixed with exploration, light platforming and a moderate amount of death pits.

The camera is god awful. 95% of all my death are because of the camera. I don't overestimate that number. The platforming is enjoyable. But the difficulty stems entirely from how random the camera seems to be sometimes.

Tiny-Huge Island and Rainbow Ride are easily the worst courses in the entire game. While late game stages should be a challenge, they shouldn't be this punishing. One silly random mistake and you can say bye bye to your 100 coin run. I would rate Rainbow Road a bit higher. It has some redeeming factors like some really interesting platforming challenges compared to the earlier stages.

But Tiny-Huge Island has no right to be this bad. It could have been a really cool exploration focused late game stage with some more complex level design. (Cause face it…stage 14 and 15 are punishing enough)

But there are just so many possible death traps and the platforming challenges are neither clever nor particular interesting. And as mentioned above, the camera is the biggest offender in stages like these.

One can see how much Nintendo learned from developing Mario 64 when looking at OoT.


The camera options and system is a lot friendlier because of the target lock. There aren't any instant death traps where you thought it's the fault of the game and not your own. The level design is more complex and more rewarding. And the controls are also improved. Mario's turnaround sometimes feels inconsistent and I nearly died a couple of times because of this. No problem in OoT. OoT is still an absolute masterpiece für a game in the late ninties.

While Mario 64 is still an amazing game because of the progression system, the castle and some really cool secrets and levels, the late game stages just feel overly punishing because of faulty systems, knocking the game down a bit for me. Still love it to death though.

EDIT: A few points for clarification. This post wasn't meant to knock down Mario 64. Mario64 is still a special game and for its time a definitive masterpiece. I just think OoT holds up better, because Miyamoto's team certainly got more experience with 3D adventure games and I found it interesting how they improved OoT in small ways.

Secondly when I talk about the Z-Targeting I wanted to communicate how it would be a great improvement for Mario 64 if it would have a more intuitive way of centering the camera behind Mario's back.

I also think a comparison between the two is natural because the development of OoT was certainly a evolutionary process after the developers got more experience with 3D development.

I also don't think it's fair to say "but why compare them? doesn't make sense". They had a huge overlap of developers for both games and if you don't think they drew their conclusions after developing Mario 64, I think you are naive. Nintendo is a top tier developer and they have arguably constantly one of the most talented developers in the industry since the eighties.

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