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After years I finally found a game that made me love the genre again.

Gamingtodaynews1f - After years I finally found a game that made me love the genre again.

And that game is Project : Gorgon. I downloaded it fairly recently on a dime, I was not expecting much since there are few reviews and the game looks very dated but I figured why not, the reviews were positive and I had nothing to do. But in doing so I found a game I have simply not been able to put down because of how much fun I've been having with it, it's everything I've been wanting from the genre and I'm so happy I found this game.

Disclaimer : If dated graphics are a dealbreaker for you don't read any further, this game is clearly not for you and there's no reason for you to waste your time reading the rest of this post.

Now, what is there about this game that makes me love it so much? Well tons of things :

1) Extreme Freedom :

You create your character and you are given a very short tutorial that lasts literally 30 seconds and then you are free to do anything you want. You can go anywhere you want and do anything you want, it feels very much like an Elder Scrolls game in that sense

2) Immense build variety :

Each character can have 2 active combat skills, and they can combine them however they want. They range from basic things like Sword, Archery or Fire Magic to crazy stuff like Cow (you can play as a cow), Psychology or Battle Chemistry. So you can totally be a Sword Fighting Psychologist, a Cow Necromancer or a freaking Fire Mage with a Tiger pet. Nothing is absolutely meta because enemies have weaknesses and resistances, so Fire Mages just get owned by enemies that resist fire but are amazing against beasts for instance.

3) The skill system

The skill system in Gorgon works like in Runescape or in Elder Scrolls, you level skills are you use them, there are no levels (although players average the level of their 2 combat skills to gauge their power level) and the amount of skills in the game is absolutely insane. There are more than 70 different skills, from very classic ones like Fletching or Smithing to crazy stuff like Art Appreciation (which is a joke skill that does nothing), Vocabulary or Phrenology (which helps Psychology and Mentalism). Almost everything you do in the game levels up a skill, even dying. Dying is its own skill and you level it up by dying in unique ways, so it actually makes you look for new ways to die so you can level the skill up and reap its rewards (more HP mostly). I absolutely adore that and there is simply no end to the things you can do


4) No hand-holding

The game doesn't hold your hand at all, at least not forcefully, you can of course look things up but otherwise you will have to figure things out for yourself. NPCs give directions for quests but you get no magic compass or map tracker. A lot of quests and tasks are very cryptic and necessitate you to think to solve them.

5) Quests are a bonus, not mandatory

You can go the whole game without doing a single quest if you so please, some have great rewards but none of them gets in the way of you getting to end game. Quests generally reward item and make the NPC that gave it like you more (Which unlocks various benefits), but since the items and favor can be earned other ways, you can totally ignore quests. That way you never feel pressured to do everything out of fear of "missing out" or falling behind in levels, you do quests because you want to.

6) The community

The community is small, that's normal since the game is still in early access and in its Alpha stage, but the people who do play are extremely friendly, I have never had a question go unanswered and people have always been very polite.

So what was a long post that reeks like shilling, but I really just love this game and I hope people will be willing to give it a try.

If you are interested there is a free demo that allows you to explore all of the first 3 zones in full and to get up to level 15 in every skills you can unlock in these zones, that is already hours of content.

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