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Aion Gamecoast. A new start to Aion.

Gamingtodaynews1b - Aion Gamecoast. A new start to Aion.


Hey everyone, i am here to present you a Aion server from the Gamecoast team. The server will be a 5.6/5.8 version with a base build from the korean patch. We decided to open this server from learning the mistakes we did in another server we are hosting now, a 4.8 server.

You might ask why 5.6/5.8 ?

Well it's a version with a lot of rich pvp content but the pve isn't left out either, so it means that you will have plenty of things to do if you are a pvp/pve player.

These 2 versions don't have enough pvp content for you ?

Well don't worry, we got you secured ! We thought about everything
In this server you will find pvp events such as : KOR, BG's, all of the 6v6/24v24, arena and more ! At the start of the server we are going to add plenty of events in PvP and PvE as well . But of course we will have some limitation, we need to keep as much balance as we can

The limitations will be in enchanting, here is a list :

-Armors will be maxed at +20.
-Weapons will be maxed at +20
-Plume will be max +10
-Accesories will be limited at +8.

Now you might have another question, what about the item shop, it will be p2w? Do you think i was joking when i said that you are secured ?

The item shop will contain in 3 or 4 premium packs to choose from.
The premium packs will give you x400% xp, x400%drop, x2 pets( 1 auto loot and sell stuff more expensive than you would at a normal shop. The second one is for auto-buffing and alert when an enemy is around.) It will also contain 1 title that will give you some stats that we didn't decided yet. The premium will also include some kisks(x50) that gives more camouflage.

You might say that is already p2p, but hang on !


We didn't say that this is mandatory to enjoy our great server, if you don't get these premium packs you will still enjoy the same content as the people that have the premium and nothing will feel changed.
The item shop will also contains skins for weapons, armors, hats, shields, wings and paints, reset scrolls for instances(on which btw you will have cooldown ! For example, you have x2 entrances to a instance, you already did those x2 entrances, you want x2 more ? That wont happen my friend, you will get only x1 from the scroll and after that the scroll will have 48 hours cooldown. Moving on, the item shop will have mounts(not available to sell), pets(as well not available for selling), some amplifications such as exp boost, crafting boost, gathering boost, tempering solutions(still thinking if untradeable or tradeable) lucky star recovering tea(energy repose), expanding warehouse/inventory, the usual ticket's for changing the name of yourself or legion, changing sex or body. You will also find candies, everyone loves candies 📷 And let's not forget about the skills skins and emotions.
That's with the item shop.

Now let's talk about the community.

The 4.8/7.0 community is pretty much Russian(i know, russians ? How do you want us to play in a russian server ?)

Well since i came in the staff team the english community has growth much more and the russian adapted to they fellows english. Both servers have a english community, one less bigger and one bigger. And don't worry, if you join i will be there for you to help, support you through everything. We also have a discord server, where you can watch our updates and see the community for yourself. Unfortunately i do not have a release date 📷. But throw an eye on the discord from time to time or to this post ! We still have a lot to decide and change but it will be a great server that will definitely will worth a try !

Rates: x1 experience, drop, crafting and others.

The discord server:
Vote on what version the server should be (5.6-5.8) :

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