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Albion Online, a hidden gem

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There seems to be a lot of hate for Albion Online in this subreddit, and I understand that it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I feel that the the hate is undeserved. Albion is really great game that takes a lot of the good stuff from things like Eve and Runescape, two mmorpgs I have loved in the past. Albion is a more accessible mmorpg than both of these in my humble opinion, and deserves better than it's steam reviews.

What does it offer?: Albion is interesting because of it's quasi-sandbox nature. The most interesting thing is that a new player can access "endgame" content and play with veterans from almost day 1 or 2. In my first few days I joined a guild and tanked a random dungeons (randomized dungeons that spawn throughout the world, that are non-instanced so anyone can hop into them) with veteran players. These same players then took me to a big pvp fight that was happening because another guild was attacking our territory. They gave me some gear to prevent enemies from running away, and you know what? I didn't feel like a useless noob being carried, I felt like I actually helped despite me being completely dumbass new to the game.

The market is a fascinating beast: The economy is cool because it's all player run. All the shit used to murder players comes from other players. And the game doesn't make any gear for you, players do that. And the game says who made each piece of gear

Like, kill a monster and it drops a sword of fuckery? Said sword of fuckery was made by a player and then sold to the game to be dropped by this monster due to some economics magic. Monsters drop/buy shit based on some system where they determine market value and set a price, and if nobody sells them shit they (the game… the monsters?) jack up the price until someone does sell them that sword of fuckery that they can drop.

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But the bottom line is the game doesn't make any gear. To create demand, when you die in a full pvp zone 20 percent (or so) of what you have on you turns into "trash". The game doesn't sell any items, or really much at all beyond cosmetic items, and the economy is very interconnected so no item is useless. To make any high level material you need the lower level materials to make it, which came from a player somewhere.


One last economics note: It gets even more interesting since all the places you can actually craft items are controlled by players, who set their own tax rate. There's currently a trade war going on in a city between a "cartel" and a guild trying to shake things up, and there's plenty of opportunity to play/manipulate the market.

Lastly, you can buy premium time (you basically get more exp) with ingame currency, and it's really not hard to do. I only bought premium once, and I have since bought 90 days of premium time with ingame money, with lots to spare. There's a stock market in the game called "the gold market" where gold (which is used to buy premium) is bought and sold for silver (the ingame money). People often buy gold just to sell for silver, and players can buy that gold and turn it into game time. The genius part of this is the game adjusts silver sinks in the game based on the silver price of 'gold'. Honestly it's a bit more than I can wrap my head around, but the German devs take their economics seriously if you can't tell already.
Try it, why not?: Well if you managed to read through half of that congratulations, the game is free to play. If you have questions about the game I'm happy to answer them, I just love it so much (obviously) and I feel like it gets way worse of a wrap than it deserves.

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Shameless plug: you can sign up using my referral link here if you want to give it a shot, or here's a link that doesn't go to a referral link, that's cool too. I just want to expose more people to this game because I think it's awesome

NOTE: I am fully expecting this to be downvoted. This sub really doesn't like this mmorpg, don't let that dissuade you from trying it!

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