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Albion online and why I no longer need this sub!

Gamingtodaynews1f - Albion online and why I no longer need this sub!

First, a short preamble. I have been playing MMOs since the beginning of EverQuest. My favorite MMOs include EverQuest, Dark Age of Camelot, and World of Warcraft. In my opinion these MMOs are the pinnacle of the genre. Don't get me wrong there are many other MMOs I've tried and enjoyed but most of my play time with those games was short-lived. I've been playing Albion Online now for a little while, and it is in my humble opinion that this game is the future of the genre. If you keep reading I'll explain why. If you stopped reading here then you are an MMORPG subreddit cuck, and that's okay because in the end we can all agree that Final Fantasy XIV is the biggest piece of trash garbage and anyone who thinks otherwise is worse than an MMORPG subreddit cuck.

So, why is Albion Online the future of the genre? I can sum it up with one word, fear. Two of the games that I stated above did a decent job bringing fear into the game. World of Warcraft on the other hand would not know fear if fear took a big fear dump right on its chest. The one thing that made exploration in MMOs exciting in the past for me was the fear of loss. The fear of losing gear and the fear of losing experience. Who cares how quickly you can press buttons and how challenging the content is if the price of failure is nothing. Albion online will reintroduce you to fear. There will be moments where it will convince you that you've lost everything and that there's no way you could come back. I know that this is an instant turn off to some of you because you might be the type that likes to collect pretty gear so that you can post pictures on the internet. It doesn't matter that you are wearing tier 52 flaming flamboyant armor, the picture of it that you just posted on Facebook is never going to get it a like from your mommy.


See, I'm sick of the gear treadmill. I'm sick of the constant added content that means little and adds little but more trinkets for me to collect. The problem with most MMORPGs now is that the character means very little and the gear means everything. There is little to no reward for building a character over many months or years. But don't worry the savior is here and it's called Albion Online. The game will teach you that gear is just a tool meant to be used and lost. That your character, the time that you put into it, and the skills you learn while playing mean so much more. Some will say that you can buy gold with real money and you can use that gold to buy experience and gear. You might even think that that sounds like pay to win to you. But you will quickly learn that there is nothing that is pay to win and that what you are really doing is paying to feed. Because the community will drain you, it will take all those things that you have purchased, and it will teach you the value of learning how to actually play the game. Your pocketbook may keep you afloat but that's the best it will do.

You are going to get angry, but if you're not playing a game that makes you hit your keyboard and yell at your loved ones then you're playing the wrong f****** game. You're going to care about what you achieve again and you're going to love it.

to;dr Read the post cuz we both know you're not playing anything anyway.

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