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Almost done with the free trial for FFXIV, want to know if I should continue?

Gamingtodaynews1b - Almost done with the free trial for FFXIV, want to know if I should continue?

This isn't going to be a what should I play instead post. I'm just wondering what the game is like post level 35. So far I'm on the fence. The issue is, I don't feel like I can adequately judge the game based on levels 1-35. I've read a lot of articles and watched a lot of videos of what to expect so I'm vaguely familiar with endgame, but research will only show me so much.

As much as I thought I'd be able to get over it, I still have a hard time surrendering myself to the 2.5s GCD. I've been told you get a lot of skills that are off GCD but I don't know how much that really helps. The combat seems pretty stale, and the class design seems really lame and vanilla. There's not a lot of thought behind the skills, they're really basic. It also seems like the 2.5s GCD is an attempt around some latency issues. Never had any lag issues in other games, but FF seems to have me taking damage seconds after I step out of the AoE.

I'm also starting to get annoyed with the amount of instanced content. I don't think I quested in 15 levels, once I unlocked the guilhests, leves (forget what they're called) and dungeons, I've just been spamming those. I'm getting Garrison flashbacks from WoD where you just sit in a town all day and wait for queues to pop. Seems like there's a plethora of dailies to get bonus exp so questing seems to not be worth it.

I have no experience with PvP in the game because I'm on the trial version. I'm hoping someone can elaborate on the PvP a little, and the state of it.


I've heard the raiding in the game is top tier. Some friends and I are looking into playing but from what we research there's a lot of stock in things like fashion and the soundtrack, things we couldn't care less about. So are the raids praised because of the fashion rewards and soundtrack? or are the fights/content actually engaging and interesting? It looks like there's little to no trash in raids, and every fight takes place in a circular room with invisible walls. A lot of the fights in the raids seemed to be majority tank and spank with a few random AoE abilities people have to dodge. I hope the fights get more in depth than that.

And finally, does the class design get any better? It's pretty lame to get a new skill like once every 6-7 levels and the half the skills you don't even use. I've had a 3 button rotation from level 7 to 30.

If I were to get the game, I would buy the story boost because fuuuuuck those Main Story quests. The amount of fetch quests in the game is ridiculous. Questing feels being more like a messenger boy with some slight kill quests in between. I think I hit level 6 before I even left the starting town. Worst questing in any MMO I've ever played. So I've seen a lot of criticism of that at max level and attuning for raids. So don't worry about the MSQs, I'd just pay to skip that.

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