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Am I Boycotting Games For The Wrong Reasons?

Gamingtodaynews1f - Am I Boycotting Games For The Wrong Reasons?

Ever since Tencent was rumored to have acquired Leyou mid 2020 I have boycotted Warframe. I did this under the assumption that Tencent had an active part in the subjugation of many religious groups through the WeChat app. I do believe that this happened and that WeChat was used to do this but Tencent's intentional involvement is what I question and what an actual boycott of Tencent would need to truly entail for those that hold a similar viewpoint.

This article ( is what originally brought me to believe that Tencent was actively involved in the subjugation. As I went back to reread this article in light of recent gaming news I noticed a distinct lack of direct involvement. Yes, WeChat was used but no indication whether it was a forced government backdoor. I know that sounds like conspiracy but the nature of the CCP isn't exactly a secret and in the United States we have had proof of similar data security "hacks" by two more government entities (NSA and GCHQ) because of Snowden (PRISM and MUSCULAR). The relationship between companies and the government are different in these countries and so are the laws enforcing cyber security in them ( , It makes me question how involved Tencent was in these violations of human rights.


This isn't a cut and dry topic and it is one that I struggle with in the current gaming atmosphere. Tencent is a huge tech conglomerate that has its hands everywhere. If I were to boycott any game related to Tencent that would involve Riot (LoL) , Digital Extremes (Warframe), Splash Damage (MCC PC), Grinding Gears Games (Path of Exile), Epic Games (Anything with the Unreal Engine), Kakao Games (Black Desert Online), Frontier Developments (Elite Dangerous), Activision Blizzard (CoD and WoW), Ubisoft (Assassin's Creed), Paradox Interactive (EU4), Bluehole (PUBG), Platinum Games (Bayonetta), and even discussing it here on Reddit. It's a whole lot! I don't play most of those things but I couldn't touch those products or franchises even if I wanted to.

I'm trying to be as informed a consumer as I can be. Gaming is the largest entertainment field that is growing every year which is why many companies want a piece of the pie. Tencent is large part of that which is why I want to be as informed as I can be. I can't tell if Tencent knowingly and willingly did this or if their software was used by the CCP surreptitiously. Am I Boycotting for the right reasons or am I being swept up in the zeitgeist?

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