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Am I the only one who had enough of Beginner Tips / Guides on Youtube? I think they are ruining the genre for newcomers.

Gamingtodaynews1g - Am I the only one who had enough of Beginner Tips / Guides on Youtube? I think they are ruining the genre for newcomers.

I am not saying don't do it. Honestly I get it, it makes a huge sense for people to share info and get views/subs in you tube. The whole platform is a huge game of culling nowadays people are genuinely doing anything to get by, but my gawd they are ruining the genre.

I am looking for not yet released MMO's and someone made how to max your character in New World or something like that. The thing isn't out yet. I use them I ain't gonna lie to anyone, mainly because I am a dum dum who cannot count between two different numbers without a calculator so I have no chance of figuring out a complex MMORPG .

Yet the reality of it all is; I have never successfully replicated any guide. They say; get this, do that, put all your points into this/that and when I tried to do it, It just doesn't work. Usually by the time I get to it the whole meta changes or they are simply wrong/outdated especially for more obscure games.

What really gets my goat though was something I just realized recently. Reading Guides ruins the game for me. Seriously any game I read a decent amount of guides I refrain from playing now. I just know what I need to do is way too much work for what I get in the end – to say the least nothing.

While playing Aura Kingdom in order to min-max I had to follow a spawning time of a world boss and I kid you not that became my daily routine. I get up, I kill the boss, I log out, I eat, boss spawns again, I kill the boss, I log out, I sleep rinse and repeat just like that for weeks on end. This is not fun, this is self inflicted torture. Why does everything becomes a race to be the best when other people are involved?


The truth is I don't care about endgame I'll never get there, I cannot play games 16 hours strait I am not a kid anymore. When I reach near end game and join raids all I get from it is 2 hours I cannot get up from my desk.

I know this is completely missing the whole RPG aspect of the MMORPG genre but sometimes I just wish there was an mmo that refused to let people min-max. Like if you put points to strength it takes away from your agility or so you have to choose a role for yourself.

For example elemental synergy in Genshin. Imagine something like "Avatar: The last Airbender" type of MMO where all characters only had one element to work and in order to do any decent damage you'll need people to work together. That's the type of MMO I'll like to play. Instead in every MMO all characters must be the Avatar they must have everything and to me what propagates this behavior is the prevalence of guides.

In Neverwinter they tried to made it so no one character can max all stats and not a day after there are guides on how to max. If one person followed that guide and made a max character then of course all other player will want to do the same. Defeating the whole point. Sorry for the rant, I really want to get into MMO's I believe they are the future of gaming but it isn't easy nowadays.

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