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Amazing customer support experience from square enix

Gamingtodaynews1e - Amazing customer support experience from square enix

Let's start off by saying I work in customer support, so I've seen and heard a lot of things that will make you raise both eyebrows and question if you are actually awake or if you are extremely high or in an alternate universe, I could tell some serious horror stories I've had with customers, but that's another subreddit, with that said…this is the best customer support experience I've had in recent memory.

It all started on the FF14 forums, a thread was created where players who play "Healers" were angry that the community was expecting them to deal damage when possible in a dungeon and not simply sit idle while there is nothing to heal, and yes, these scenarios happen very, very often in that game. Ironically healers spend more time dealing damage than actually healing if you are with a good group. The creator of that thread was kicked from multiple dungeons for sitting idle and was angry about it and he admitted himself he was being constantly kicked.

A lot of people were in support of that, myself and several others disagreed with that. After some back and forth chatter, I made this exact comment.

So help me get this right, you were kicked from several dungeons and raids meaning the rest of the party agreed they're better off without you, and you choose to complain on the forums and demand everyone changes for you instead of quit being lazy and do damage instead of being idle and do nothing for minutes.

Fast forward 4 hours, I receive an email from SE…….a 240 hour ban, for the first TOS break mind you. The reason is this: – Posting that constitutes discrimination against another forum member or group (also including forming groups for the purpose of discrimination), insults, slander, libel, harassment of a group or individual.- Posting aimed to create a negative impact on the community or its members.

I thought alright….no problem, I will simply contact SE and clear it up or at least get an explanation how that ban is valid for that reason and for so long while others were saying much, much worse things and they are still posting today with no repercussions. These events happened 3 days ago.


So I contact SE….and I directly file a complaint about this. I've had 2 bans from the official forums before, both of them were removed after I contacted SE because they were unjustified and did not fall under the TOS and they agreed themselves they were unjustified, the staff simply banned me because it hurt the feelings of certain players. Mind you both of those are before the recent changes in the SE TOS and rules. So it was a lot different back then. Nowadays with the new TOS they have the ability to ban you for existing. No, really. As insane as it sounds, they can. I know quite a few people that have been banned in the actual game for refusing to use the game chat for fear of being banned because someone may report due to getting upset over anything. So they used the game chat, and 2 of them got banned again for telling a player to learn his class because he was maximum level and didn't know anything.

Fast forward 2 days….I get a response from square enix. My forum account has been completely banned forever. For the reason stated above. For a first offense, because someone got upset I called them lazy. So naturally, I questioned how can it possibly be acceptable to receive a permanent ban from their forums for a FIRST offense, and they tell me I have 2 prior bans on the account.

So, I explain that yes, they were there, and I contacted them, and they agreed they were incorrect and removed, which they found. And then they tell me it doesn't matter they were removed. They are valid, even though back then I was clearly told they are wrong and were promptly removed.

So…the previous bans are valid, but not valid because they removed them, but they're valid, but not valid. What?

I just stopped bothering with them then and there, I'm still confused how the previous bans are valid but at the same time they were removed so clearly they were invalid…but now they say they are valid.. That makes sense.

My advice for those of you that are thinking to play FF14, just please don't, for your own good. The game is alright, but the community and the staff ruin it. Personally I'm trying out Guild Wars 2 and it's pretty fun, though I'm unsure if I will stick with it. If someone has an MMO suggestion, do tell. I am on the lookout for one.

Edit: I don't really care that much about the ban, nor do I want anyone to yell on their forums, just a story I find amusing.

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