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Amazon’s New World feels a lot more PVE friendly and frankly outright fun

Gamingtodaynews1g - Amazon's New World feels a lot more PVE friendly and frankly outright fun

As someone who's been playing the game I can say that it both needs a lot of work (which is why it wont be out until next year) but it also has a lot of nice features.

This is strictly about PVE from my experience so far without breaking NDA so vagueness is by design


  • Housing seems to be really nice.. it's not like I had expected at all. The reward for owning a home is absolutely paid off whereas a lot of games its an instance where nobody actually sees it unless you invite them.. this is much much more rewarding.
  • NPCs are much better than I had expected it to be. They are not what I've read in reviews at all. Coming from someone that played WoTLK when it was the latest expansion to ESO and SWTOR. Various mechanics are pretty normal but the AI I think was pretty on point.
  • Land mass I believe is something thats good but needs room for improvement. Without breaking the NDA, I can only say that the world feels alive and travel time is good but you can see where additions could be made for sure.
  • Character creation is good but not amazing.. but good
  • I could feel the storyline from the start. It wasn't long or drawn out but it was enough. It was cliche but it was also tasteful with the intro scene and a quick tutorial. That part I really enjoyed.


  • Art style is nice but it's also safe
  • Questing is there but there could be more variety to it
  • There's a lot of time consuming stuff like for example in WoW how there's fishing.. I mean not the most amazing fun ever but when I played years ago, I loved whipping out my fancy pole. That stuff should be added


  • I dont know what I'm not able to say for the NDA but I pray to God they actually have something in the works other than what I saw PVP wise
  • I dont know how they thought this could launch.. when you play the game it may or may not crash on you. I get they're focusing a lot on content but I also feel it should play much better than it does.. August will be a very good test to see how quickly or not they're able to fix problems
  • It's lacking a lot, especially when comparing to Ashes of Creation which seems like a golden standard compared to this atm.


My Unbiased thoughts:

I fear that Amazon is being cheap. They have to make this venture profitable so no, they arent going to go drop a billion USD on this game but I fear that they are trying to be too inline with indie studios and even established studios. The fact that they're totally flipping this game around, they need A LOT more hands on deck than that. I fear that there's a lot if disarray at the studio.

I feel that the game has some sort of soul somewhere in it that's trying to get out. It has a theme going for it but that lust quickly dies off. I know a lot of people that were completely enthralled with the game while I was playing so it's a YMMV for sure. On one hand I think it has hope and on the other I cant help but think "this will be fun for two weeks max."

Even with Amazon's wealth, MMORPG's that last the ages are massive projects.. you cant just Warframe it by coming up with a few cheap designs then changing it up a bit and saying "totally new!" Vanilla WoW even you can see the diversity or Old School Runescape is another one.. so if these really old games were like that, you can bet gamers will demand this as a minimum for a modern MMORPG. You not only have to add something new and exciting but you have to create everything else on par with the top MMORPGs out there there. I don't think Amazon will pull this off.. at least not from what I've seen so far.

My only hope is the fact that they are rich and in modern times it's very easy to build a game even if everyones working from home, in fact Ashes of Creation devs saw an increase in productivity.

Lets keep our fingers crossed and shame on those of you wanting this game to fail.. especially when you're as bored as I am with gaming ATM! And honestly I have had a lot of fun so far leveling up.

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