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An analysis of possible explenations, why Galaxy 2 is not in the 3D Collection

Gamingtodaynews1e - An analysis of possible explenations, why Galaxy 2 is not in the 3D Collection

Here are some of the reasons people often cite as to why SMG2 is not in the 3D All Stars collection and is not mentioned or even shown throughout the direct.

There is not enought cartridge space.

A Nintendo Switch game cartridge can have a size between 1 and 32 GB. The download size of the eshop version of Super Mario 3D All Stars is 4.8 GB. This is apparently enough to fit Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy 1 inside. Given that Galaxy 1 and 2 are both Wii games and Wii Optical disks had a maximum size of 8.54 GB, there would still be plenty of space left, despite the fact, that Galaxy 1 apparently does not require this much space.

Nintendo simply forgot Galaxy 2.

As of May 2003, Super Mario 64 sold 11 million copies.

As of June 2006, 5.5 million copies of Super Mario Sunshine had been sold worldwide. According to Satoru Iwata in a press conference one year after its release, the game's sales had failed to live up to the company's expectations.

As of March 31st, 2020, Super Mario Galaxy 1 sold 12.80 million copies.

As of April 2011, Super Mario Galaxy 2 has sold 6.36 million copies worldwide.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 sold more units than Super Mario Sunshine did, yet Sunshine was chosen to be part of the bundle instead of Galaxy 2. Sales are what matters most to a profit oriented company. They did not forget a game which presumably earned them tens of millions of dollars. Given that there are 2,395 people directly employed by Nintendo Co., Ltd, it is unlikly that all of them simply forgot this.


Super Mario Galaxy 2 has essential motion controlls which are hard to emulate on the Nintendo Switch.

SMG2 had Yoshi as an integral part of its gameplay. His tounge required the use of motion controls to aim at a target. But SMG1 also required motion controls to use pullstars, blow a big bubble with mario inside around and use the sticky pullback rubber band like things. The Direct states and shows, that

#t=11m08s”>SMG1 has been optimized for the Switch and even shows an example. There is no reason to assume why things like the star balls in SMG2 could not work the same way as shown in the Direct.

There was not enought time to port Super Mario Galaxy 2 as well.

SMG2 is a direct sequel to SMG1 on the same system. It is afe to assume that they both use a verry similiar engine. Yet it would still take time to properly port the game. Nintendo repordadly had a hard time to adapt to the current crisis, which is why they might choose not to delay the collection any further and have something ready for the christmas business.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 will be a DLC.

If SMG2 would have been anounced as a paid DLC in the Direct, people would have loudly complained about. But it wasn't and now everyone is talking about it, giving it a lot of good press instead. A DLC would make sense financially. But the same could be said for Super Mario Odyssey, and yet no DLCs were ever released.

Thanks for reading! It would really enjoy reading your opinions about this. What do you think? Will it be a DLC? Will it come out later as a standalone game? Will it come bundled with a new product/service in the future (


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