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An excessively detailed step-by-step direct PS4 to PC Remote Play guide for dumbshits like me with horrible internet and/or no router access.

Gamingtodaynews1e - An excessively detailed step-by-step direct PS4 to PC Remote Play guide for dumbshits like me with horrible internet and/or no router access.

I have been tearing my hair out trying to get Remote Play to work with a direct ethernet connection from my PS4 to laptop. I am currently in a semi-communal living situation with possibly the worst wifi imaginable and a situation where the stabbing and gushing of blood in Sekiro would be disruptive to others. Most days I cannot browse reddit on my laptop due to the internet going in and out. I wanted to play my playstation with my laptop as a monitor but found many comments from 2014 saying this wasn't possible or 2016 guides for remote play over ethernet with excessively complicated instructions involving connection bridging (maybe they worked at the time but I was unable to get them to work now).

This is what has worked for me using a laptop with Windows 10:

Things you'll need: Some form of internet connection, a PC, a PS4, a tv for initial setup, and an ethernet cable.

  1. Download and install Remote Play

  2. Download and install the Offline Remote Play patch. I used the one click auto patcher.

  3. Connect your PS4 and computer/laptop with an ethernet cable. Turn on your PS4. I used an ethernet to USB-C adapter as my laptop has no ethernet port.

  4. Open Network Connections. Get to here from right clicking your internet connection, click "Open Network & Internet Settings," then go to "Change Adapter Options." Alternatively this is just "Control PanelNetwork and InternetNetwork Connections"

  5. You should see at least 2 connections: one is your internet connection and the other will be an ethernet connection listed as "identifying…" or "Unidentified Network". This other network is your PS4. Right click your internet connection and select "Properties." Move to the "Sharing" tab and tick the box next to the dialogue saying "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection." A drop down box will allow you to select which connection to share to. Select the ethernet connection that your PS4 is connected to and hit OK to apply these settings. For me, this was Ethernet 2.

  6. On your PS4, go to "set up internet connection," "Use a LAN Cable," and hit "Easy." Test your internet connection and it should pass. I was able to successfully connect even with my wifi going in and out as long as the PC had some internet connectivity. Downloading any new games was practically impossible but I could connect to the Playstaion Network!

  7. Open Remote Play. Because we are going over a direct ethernet connection, you should be able to max out stream quality under settings (I do not have a Pro but those who do can stream up to 1080p). Connect your controller and press the options button. It should detect you PS4 automatically and ask for you to sign into the Playstation Network. If it does not detect you PS4, click "Register Manually," go to your PS4, enter the Remote Play settings, hit "Add Device," and enter the code that appears into the PC Remote Play app. Either way it should sign into your PS4 or ask you to sign in to the Playstation Network first.

  8. Game away with a high quality connection without the need for staying connected to the internet!


Whenever you want to use Remote Play, I have found the computer needs to be connected the internet initially but does not need to stayed connected after this initial check thanks to the Offline Patcher. The patcher claims to skip this initial check but I have never had it work otherwise.

It's definitely not the same quality as using a TV and I continue to struggle to find the right color/gamma settings.

You need a TV and a few minutes of reliable internet for initial set up and downloading files.

Keyboard and mouse control for the PS4 is janky as heck but I haven't spent a lot of time figuring that out yet so could be on me.


Sometimes opening the app appears to do nothing or behaves unexpectedly on startup. Force close the app by opening task manager with ctrl-shift-esc, highlight Remote Play, and hit end task. The app should open normally now.

"BUT ZOMBORGER I DON"T HAVE ANY INTERNET AT ALL!" Most cell phones these days have some form of wifi hotspot, try using that as the shared internet connection from the PC to the PS4 in step 5. When you want to start a session, turn on your hotspot, wait for your pc to connect to it, start Remote Play, connect to the PS4 and immediately turn the hotspot off. I haven't tried this method but I don't imagine it would eat up a ton of your data.

Thanks for reading through this all the way to the end. I wrote this up in the hopes that at least one other person is able to get remote play working when they find themselves in a strange gaming situation. I was sick of finding outdated guides that no longer work. Apologies if this guide was overly specific but sometimes dumbshits like me get frustrated when the guide creator doesn't include sub steps that they assume the user already knows. This guide could be improved and formatted better and maybe I'm using the offline patcher wrong and maybe the initial online sign in each time is unnecessary but I think this guide should work for most use cases on Windows 10.

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