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An Idea to Change the Final Boss of Luigi’s Mansion 3

Gamingtodaynews1b - An Idea to Change the Final Boss of Luigi's Mansion 3

Spoilers for the end of the game and the final boss of the game (obviously)

In my opinion, the final boss wasn't that amazing for this game and I feel it could have some changes to it to make the boss fight more intense and interesting for the player. Two big changes I would make is the final phase and the use of the super suction upgrade.

The super suction is this powerful upgrade you get which has so much potential to be this powerful tool in your disposal with the rest of Luigi's abilities, and yet it's used 3 times in the entire game. Why not use it in the final boss? Why not use your most powerful tool to finish King Boo and stop him from getting Luigi inside the painting with the rest of the Mario crew.

My idea of how the boss would go is like this:

Keep the intro the same, with Luigi and Mario going up to the roof to get peach and begin the fight with king boo

The first phase and second phase are also the same, with the same attacks and slamming king boo with both Luigis into the ground

Then as the third phase is about to begin and the painting gets large enough to take all of the haunted hotel with Luigi with it, An extremely large King Boo appears in front of Luigi, similar to the size of the painting.


The new large King Boo has massive attacks, including a huge lightning attack which can cover almost all of the stage, a big fireball which splits into smaller fireballs, and Large tongue attacks like moving it from one side to the other and spinning it around

He goes through these attacks with Luigi dodging them and finally slams his massive tongue onto the rooftop, stunning King Boo and reviling a super socket. Luigi connects to the super socket and tries to suck King Boo's tongue, but its no use, and the phase goes on.

The second time King Boo slams his tongue down, a SECOND super socket appears on the rooftop. Luigi spawns Gooigi and they both connect to there own super sockets. They both start sucking King Boo's tongue and it works!

Both Luigi and Gooigi use their strength and the super suction to slam the massive King Boo straight into the hotel, causing King Boo to finally be defeated and the hotel comes crashing down with them.

With my idea, King Boo gets to show off how powerful he is with his new massive size and super powerful attacks but also shows off the underused super suction in the game with an intense ending and a thrilling boss fight

What do you think? Any other changes you might want to King Boo or the super suction?

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