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An MMORPG idea (a brainstorm from a Game Design hopeful)

Gamingtodaynews1g - An MMORPG idea (a brainstorm from a Game Design hopeful)

Due to a lack of MMORPG content at the moment, I have been doing some daydreaming. Hopefully this is within the rules, but I wanted to share my vision with everyone. Now imagine if you will, a world where you just created your character. Their race is one of several, boasting their inherent attributes. Although, there is no class. In fact, you literally have no purpose. You are a normal commoner residing within the walls of the capital of a crumbling civilization meshed from the remains of several humanoid races. You start in the center and you are poor. You have literally nothing but the clothes on your back. And to top it all off, the world outside of the walls is mostly unknown and extremely dangerous. If you were to step outside of them, you would be dead within the hour. But that is irrelevant, for if the monsters don't get you, starvation will. So, you and thousands of other players step foot outside of the walls in hope to gain an advantage. You have several options. Most of them revolve around earning your first weapon. Do you become a soldier and take up a rusty sword, just to meet death that same day? Or do you attempt a less direct method, to get you better equipped?


But it won't be easy, for you are at the bottom of the food chain. You have to work with other players and combat NPC's to begin establishing the kingdom throughout the land. Set up outposts, camps, and eventually, fortresses, just to defend them in futility as the fog of war creeps back on you. Explore ruins and dungeons for great rewards, but beware, for death will wait for you. Hunt giant boss monsters for their rare materials, but don't expect to return alive. The strongest will even be able to grow and command small armies, in the never ending struggle for survival. There will be blood, magic, and some can even reach Godhood, but don't ever think you are safe. Just know one thing, don't die. If you do, you will have to create another character. **BUT** you will be able to return to the area you died, marked on the mini-map, and retrieve your items, xp, and skills (no time limit). Additionally, your second character's xp and skill points will be absorbed into your original one, and their items will drop on the ground for you to loot. And, they will gain a random attribute from the other race, or a permanent buff if the two characters are the same race. This method promotes players getting stronger even if they die. You might have to "alt" for a little while, but it is worth it in the end. There are no strategy guides. Wiki moderators will claw their eyes out. Go forth and RPG, with the MMO.

This is the very barebones concept, but some of the benefits I would enjoy are:

  1. The game flow would make teamwork and communication a priority.
  2. There would be no "one size fits all". The META is "who has gotten the furthest?"
  3. Having a wiki open won't do much for you. The game would be dynamic. Although open world, the dungeons and monsters would be random instances with high levels of unpredictability.
  4. Everything you do would be meaningful and impactful. A "city-builder" run by thousands of people.
  5. The game doesn't tell you what to do and how to play. But your predators do.
  6. Death keeps it fresh (unlike runescape)

tl, dr: sorry I was bored. This is a concept of a game I can only dream of. hope you enjoyed the read.

P.S. Now that I think about it, it does sound like Kenshi. But, it is a different genre.

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