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An old school pvp based MMO for any MMO refugees. (4Ancient) (Picture Of High End Gear)

Gamingtodaynews1f - An old school pvp based MMO for any MMO refugees. (4Ancient) (Picture Of High End Gear)

Hey guys, so I have played MMO's for about a decade now and I have noticed many of the people I have talked to about MMO's are not happy when it comes to the pvp scene. I had tried going back to some games like Black Desert Online or FFXIV but, these two have two sides of a coin that I cannot stomach. BDO has endless grinding (when I say endless boy do I mean it, and I used to be top gear in 2018) and FFXIV just has horrid uninteresting pvp. If you are like me and you just want an open world pvp mmo without endless grinding or p2w, then it becomes extremely difficult and tedious.

This post is mainly because I remembered about a private server of a game I played for several years in highschool, it is called 4ancient (the old mmo was 4story). While it may look similar to WoW it was actually made at about the same time by German developers. This private server does its best to eliminate pay to win by giving out free things constantly and buffing grinding for gold (plus you can hit max level in 1-2 days if you use exp buffs, as well as get geared for pvp with maybe a week of a grind depending on class). The community is mostly European, so the active hours are morning-10pm for USA but there are always people on for pvp events (which occur every hour especially in lv80 and lv30 zone).

There is, of course, an option to donate money it does give moonstones which can help you obtain money but are not at all necessary. Although, all of the profit goes to the SMALL team of developers which you can actually talk to them in discord which gives a very homely vibe. Many in the community speak in broken English, but they are usually understandable and a bunch of meme lords. I really sound like I am selling this, but I am having a blast being back on here and I know some of you would enjoy this game so I will put a quick Pro Con below. I also have a picture of my characters gear (each color effect on gear flows constantly so it looks strange in a picture)



-Skill/Timing based pvp-Class balance is quite good (with correct knowledge)

-Developers are interactive with community, they log with special characters for events

-Easy levelling (max lv90 within a couple days with cheap exp potions and MSQ)

-Low Gear Floor (Can enter pvp with easily obtainable gear quite decently, for example: Grinding for around 22 hours total in late game dungeon can net you a decent set of armour, jewels, and a weapon)

-Funny Community with a twitch stream style attitude

-Helpful guys go out of their way in game often (Had a guy explain to me for 30min the new market prices when I returned, I had just met him)

-Balance of Mass pvp and small scale, but all open world.

-PVE Bosses and Monsters are very rooted in European lore.


-High Gear cap (if you want max gear its fucking hard to get but only increases power by 5-10% compared to average gear)

-Much of the community speaks English as a second language

-The Market is hard to learn

-Pvp is hard to learn at first, some classes are much easier than others

-There are a few scammers in the market but common sense negates this

-Late night for USA is the down-time, highest peak is early lunch time to dinner time in EST (So 10am-5pm is peak time by far, but weekends are always bumpin)

-Sometimes a server issue can take a few hours due to having a small dev team.

-Late game PVE is limited and also mixes with pvp often.

Late Game Warrior, Can Swap between Sword/Shield Skillset and 2hand Weapon Set in a couple seconds.

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