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Ancient gamer, returning, need some guidance. (Long Post – Story Time)

Gamingtodaynews1b - Ancient gamer, returning, need some guidance. (Long Post - Story Time)

I've been playing mmo's since the late 90's when I was a kid. I started with Ultima Online and at the time I had NO idea how absolutely incredible that game was or how good I had it lol. I logged in again and again because the thrill of progressing my character was addicting. The idea that I could one day wear plate mail, or cast a 7th circle spell was everything, I had to get there. I did eventually make a character that had 100 in 7 skills which was the cap at the time.

  • Character progression is very attractive to me, so long as I can do it solo OR with a group, but never group reliant.

What kept me playing, the pvp, but very specific types… See, I hated the group pvp, I was a kid and didn't have any friends, I loved duels. I played on the catskills server and I remember I would go into deceit just to go to the dueling room so I could try and beat other players and take their stuff. However, running for my life half the time having to instantly recall out of trouble when raiders would come wasn't fun at all.

  • I like very fair honorable combat, where both sides have a chance to win on their own skill, not because they have 40 more friends or more importantly, because they have super rare gear that can only be gotten with lot of friends in raids etc.

I switched to everquest to try it out when it came out, and while I loved the leveling process and unlocking new spells on my wizard etc, the very group required nature of the game made me feel very lonely and left out most of the time, so I never really stuck with it.

  • Not a huge fan of group required content, mostly because I don't make friends easily, I'm very shy and standoffish /shrug

Shadowbane was an epic fail, didn't like it at all.

Asheron's Call was TOO grindy, I played that game all day every day for months on end and never got above level 40, my brother and his friends, much older than me, figured out how to macro and use exp chains etc to massively increase their character levels and well I used their characters to again do Duel style pvp, however….

  • I HATED how unbalanced the pvp was in that if you had a character who was in a really good exp chain and had macroed for months and months you were basically unkillable vs someone who didn't have those things. Again, honorable, even playing field style combat is key.

Then came DAOC and my ranger… I was able to play the game by myself, level by myself, pvp by myself, and I was quite good at it actually. I could fight against other similar such players "stealthers" and mostly we got left alone by groups because we could hide in the shadows. I would have epic battles of 1 on 1's etc. This was absolutely amazing, until they released the ToA expansion and then you had to do basically raiding to have a chance of competing anymore and it essentially killed the game for me…


I also played in groups and was quite successful in group v group combat, but during the day I had something to do when my brother and his friends were at work or we couldn't get our group going etc.

  • Again solo pvp that didn't require raid gear to be effective.

After that was world of warcraft, and this is where things got weird for me. I actually didn't enjoy the pvp at all, because it was entirely level and largely gear based, again requiring raiding, but… I loved the raids… Getting groups was relatively easily because of the massive amount of players and well I played a shaman so it wasn't hard to just spam heals on people lol. However, I always longed for that solo honorable pvp.

  • I do enjoy raiding, I'm not anti-social, I just don't want to depend on others to play the game and have to be on a schedule etc.

Since then, I've played probably every mmo you can list. GW / GW 2 / Aion / Archage / Neverwinter / Lineage 2 / Age of Conan / Rift / Tera etc etc…

  • You'll notice a distinct lack of sci-fi games as for whatever reason if the game isn't set in a fantasy world with knights and mages I suddenly lose all interest… Yes, even musketeer / pirates kills it for me.

So… Here I am… playing wow classic on a rogue, but I'm in the age old problem I've had where I find myself very group reliant and the open world pvp is mostly just zerging or me picking on low players, I'm concerned this isn't going to last very long.

  • Are there any games out there, that are relatively new or don't have excessive power creeps such as the abortion "Albion Online", where the above things exist? It doesn't need to be perfect, I'm open to suggestions, and I don't care about graphics like at all, I care about core gameplay.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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