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Any mmorpg with the same “depth” and freedom as a sp rpg?

Gamingtodaynews1g - Any mmorpg with the same "depth" and freedom as a sp rpg?

First, i an not criticizing mmorpg's, you can't have vampirism like morrowind or daggerfall on ESO by balance reasons. But in general most mmorpg's that i've tried has some mechanics that i usually hate like

  1. Cooldowns – I an fine with any other way to balance skills. Casts/rest like DkS, very long casting time on Dragon's Dogma, require high resources like most games, but in general mmo's tends to have a lot of cooldowns. Kotor 1 and 2 has not cooldown but swtor has. Same happens to neverwinter nights. NWN1 and 2 has no cooldowns. neverwinter online has.
  2. – Stats linked on gear. On a RPG stats should measure your character capabilities, i can't fell immersed in a world where everyone is the same without the gear but can easily change everything about then by changing the cloths. On older fallout games, if you try play with very low int, you barely can talk. Requirements are good for very action focused games. For example, on demon souls to use Long Bow you need 15 STR. Fully draw an longbow requires a lot of strength, that makes sense. Some type of small bonus to not defense coming for armor is fine. But most of stats should be chooses by the player
  3. – Very long repetitive fights. Like 40 people spamming the same rotation for many minutes to kill an mob. The challenge should be by putting heavy hitting enemies, punishing traps, etc. I don't mind get some one hit killed, if i can ohk certain enemies.
  4. – No choices and consequences. For example, if you decide to become an vampire, it should give a lot of power, but make you much more weaker to fire and take sun damage. I can understand why an mmo will not allow this, it will make the player OP in certain situations and useless in another, but IMO the immersion and choices/consequences are far more important than the game balance. If you decided to heavily specialize on fire skills, then you should have an very hard time against fire resistant/immune mobs. I an playing DkS 2 as a pyromancer. Iron Keep is being very hard by it. If you decided to be an paladin, you should ve very powerful against undead but should have some weakness to compensate it.


Again, i understand why most mmos do that stuff. I an just wondering if i can enjoy an mmorpg that allow me to do the same stuff that i can do in old school RPG's. The first RPG of my life was Might & Magic VII For Blood an Honor. You can do so many stuff in that game. Even become an Lich and after you become an Lich, you gain certain immunities. I've heard good things about GW1. Din't liked GW2 but i wonder if GW1 is more close to an old school cRPG;

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