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Anyone playing the Conqueror’s Blade test weekend? What do you think of it?

Gamingtodaynews1f - Anyone playing the Conqueror's Blade test weekend? What do you think of it?

I hadn't heard of the game until Steam had it on my queue.

Basically, its a PvP castle siege game but with some RPG elements. Picking a class, customizing a character, skill trees, gear, items, etc.

What sets it apart is the fact that everyone gets their own group of troops to command. You can bring up to 3 different troop types varying from archers, sword/shield, javelins, cavalry, and riflemen. You can have 1 active at a time and you can set up troop formations, give attack commands (shield walls, rain arrows, cover fire), have them push siege engines such as siege towers or battering rams. The officer characters (players) are in charge of using the siege weapons such as trebuchets, cannons, or hwachas.

There's a lot more to it but I figure I'd give a very very small overview.


Anyways, I ended up really enjoying the game, it has a nice balance of RTS elements with action combat. I've dabbled in several of the classes but so far the musketeer has been my favorite, they get a ability to throw fire bombs that are great against shield walls or just clumps of troops in general.

I think my only gripe is that I feel like a lot of the games are decided by who has the best cannon/siege weapon user at the start. If your team loses your siege weapons early it makes the initial breach very difficult (almost impossible) to attack/defend.

I'll definitely be keeping an eye as the game progresses in development. Anyone else try it out?

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