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[AOC] what was your thoughts on age of calamity. SPOILER WARNING ⚠️here is mine

Gamingtodaynews1f - [AOC] what was your thoughts on age of calamity. SPOILER WARNING ⚠️here is mine

So I have quite a lot to say on this so I will put it in built points to make it easier to read 😁

Pros • the combat was pretty solid for a warriors game and added some diversity with the rods and sheikah slate

• the sounds and music were fantastic

• the cutscenes were amazing and added lots more back story and character development to the champions and other characters which is great

• appreciated the new design of calamity ganon

• most of the new characters were super interesting

• the amount of bosses

• the diversity of each characters playing style. They really took time making every character unique

• the controls are really solid apart from one detail which I will mention later

• the battlefields were super accurate to BOTW map and I rllly likes seeing what hyrule looked like before the calamity

• the new divine beast sections were great addition the split up the sometimes repetitive warriors style gameplay

• the AI was kinda meh however the lynals like botw were amazing fights

• the game looked pretty decent and was really accurate to the botw style

• The first half of the story was really good and the second half… was good from a fan fiction, la la happy land sort of view I guess

• the map which you select levels with is rlly well done

• I really liked the shops, stables, black smith etc the map

• the fact that the game tried to be as authentic as possible to botw is fantastic. I mean the map was great, the menu, flurry, Blocking guardian lasers, Sheikah slate,inventory etc

• the cooking mechanic was unique and interesting

• sooga was a great character who I thought was more interesting than Astor himself

•the sheer number of characters. I mean u have expected picks like link, Zelda, the champions etc however characters like hestu and the Great fairy’s I mean who was expecting that!

• the fact that link has a massive selection of weapons and cloths like botw. Link can equip almost everything he could in botw it’s mad

• I love the update to the blights!
they look way cooler however the only problem is the point of the blights was they were meant to look like and in some people’s eyes are the corrupted versions of said champions. They changed that fire blight has a massive sword like Daruk and has a lot of spiky hair like him. Electric blight has a sword and shield And uses electric based attacks like urbosa. Water blight has a spear and is really skinny like mipha. Wind blight can fly and Uses wind to fight.

Even though that side of it is gone I think the updates are fantastic

• the fact that the yiga clan was looked at in way more detail giving us a better understanding and love of that faction

• most importantly MY BOY REVALI IS BACK MF

Cons • the game gets really repetitive in the end game

•a lot of the bosses and Enemies are just harder versions of each other take the lynal for example Their is red,blue,white main,silver,electric,fire,ice and malice. Yes ik they get different a few different attacks but my god do u really need 8 types 🙄

•The missions get super super repetitive except for the story ones

• rudania felt super clunky and the fact he didn’t have a shield instead having to stop and wait for 10 seconds so he could catch projectiles was boring and tedious. This completely slowed the pace and momentum of running around destroying everything in your path like it was with the other divines

• the controls are great except for that stupid wall jump thing omfg the amount of times I get hit because my character jumps when I dash away is unreal. Literally why did they add that not once did I want to be in the air like that

• the camera is super bad when u are in a small room,corridor etc. The camera instead of going through the wall goes behind your character so you can’t see which means you get hit.

•the frame rate sucks. It’s bearable if you are one player but my god when u are playing split screen it’s like trying to play this game on the An Atari 😂. When I first got the game I played it with one of my mates but it was soooooo bad because the frame rate was insanely annoying. The worst it ever got was when I was playing urbosa and you use your ult. holly f ing sht the game drops to like 1 frame a second. The game can’t handle all the lightning so it gets to point when it almost freezes.


• the allied ai is pointless and adds nothing to the game. The soldiers do no damage and the other characters which you are not playing do nothing at all ether. Sometimes It really feels that you are the only person on your team which it shouldn’t because it’s massive battles

• the end game grind is so bad like wow. This will take a lot of explanation so here goes It’s boring…..

Ok the real reason 😁 •The ‘missions’ where you have to gather gather resources to help people. Get new combos etc are super boring because you end up grinding the missions you have already done to get the stuff you need • the korok grind sucks IMO because it makes you play the whole story TWICE to get them all which is a massive drag tbh I haven’t even done that yet I’m like 99% percent done with the game all I need to do is get the korok seeds. • the actual side missions are ok tbh but they do get a bit stale after a while but they are generally fine and some of them build on the characters even more which is great

My point is all of it is pretty boring however to make it better they could have done adventure maps like the first hyrule warriors because they were way more fun and engaging than this end game. Hopefully dlc 🤞

• the fact the sooga, Astor and harbinger gannon are not playable. I think this is a wasted opportunity as it could have been done where u play Both sides so you play as the bad guys and actually win. Again hopefully dlc🤞

• the story was too short. It only takes like 10 hours to beat it😩 they could have made it longer but they didn’t. Major missed opportunity


Right ok the whole idea with terrako going back in time is dumb in the first place because Nintendo never gets time travel right and it will f with the lore and timeline like it did because it splits the timeline again 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😩😩😩 Tbh I quite like Terrako and I really like how it plays a remake of Zelda lullaby’s but the time travel stuff is so unbelievably game killing it feels like the entire second hand of the story is complete fan services. seriously you sit there after gannon strikes and you think this is it the part where it all falls apart but then. Nooooooooopppppppeee teriko just wizzes in the homies from Zelda botw like my boy Sidon and completely butchers everything. I mean if Terrako could do that the why not bring In 50 links or anyone from any Zelda ever. Instead he brings in the home boy Sidon, bad man teba, an expert Sand seal racer and a useless sack of sht

It just feels like age of calamity’s story was changed to not upset the fans and it feels like a really good fan made game not an actual Zelda spin off.
I was really looking forward to age of calamity because I wanted to see what the world was like before and the tragic downfall and defeat. I mean botw was such a brave game to have made a game that basically said the good guys all died, you all failed, it was for nothing. This is super cool and unique and instantly grabs your attention because you wanna find out what happened but the devs throws it all away and says let’s kill the time line again and make a la la happy ending game where everyone survives and it all ends well. I mean boring like it’s putting me to sleep because it’s so unoriginal.

I bought the game like a lot of others did as well because we wanted a prequel of botw to see what happened and we didn’t get that we got some alternate time line where everything works out and it’s a complete waste time to play.

I did think the story was fun and I liked playing as my big man Sidon but for a lore side of things it was a reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaallllyyyy pore choice to make IMO

Summary overall I liked age of calamity I thought it was a fun game which made the warriors game style more interesting and unique with the botw style and gameplay however the story was a major let down and the end game was really boring. Overall I give Hyule warriors AOC a 7/10

Thx for listening to me ramble on about my opinion on this game . Ik it’s super long and boring but I appreciate you reading it all.

Any comments will be greatly appreciated.

Thx for reading and have a great day 👋🤘😁

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