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Apex Legends on the Nintendo Switch Review

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Apex Legends is a battle royale game that was released by Respawn for other platforms on February 4th of 2019. However, two years later in 2021, Apex Legends was finally ported to the Nintendo Switch. I will not lie to you guys, it has been quite the experience playing this game on Nintendo’s hybrid system.

Main Points of the Video:

Before I get into my main points about Apex Legends on the Switch, I just want to warn you guys that I am really bad at this game. Also, I am not a huge fan of battle royale games, but since the Nintendo Switch does not have a lot of good online multiplayer games, I decided to give this game a chance to see how good it would play on the Switch.

However, when it comes to Apex Legends on the Nintendo Switch, Panic Button once again decided to take it upon themselves to port another large game to the Nintendo Switch. If you guys do not know, Panic button is responsible for porting games like DOOM Eternal on the Nintendo Switch. If I may be honest, Panic Button has done a fantastic job with porting games over to the Nintendo Switch.

So when Apex Legends was announced for the Switch and people found out Panic Button was going to port it, people got really excited for another free fps game that was coming to the Nintendo Switch. But, I have to be honest with you guys, Apex Legends on the Nintendo Switch is not an enjoyable experience at the moment.

  1. As we know, the Nintendo Switch is less powerful than the other consoles on the market. So obviously, many Switch owners knew that this game was not going to achieve the 60fps. But, Apex Legends on the Nintendo Switch is supposed to run at a stable 30fps. After putting time into this game, one thing is for sure, Apex Legends here on the Switch does not run at a stable 30fps. For instance, when you drop in at the beginning of the game, I could definitely tell that the game was dropping frames. However, dropping frames while dropping in is not the biggest issue since you do not fight other squads while in the air. My main issue with the frame rate on Apex Legends is the fact that frames would drop during high intense battles with other squads. I could definitely tell that the frames were dropping, and in a game like Apex Legends that gets intense very quickly, going from 30fps to 20ish fps was definitely jarring while attempting to take out other squads. For a game like Apex Legends, it cannot afford to drop frames constantly during combat. I can handle 30fps for fps games, but it has to be a steady 30fps. Once it starts to drop frames, it completely ruins the experience in my opinion. I am hoping that they release a patch as soon as possible because besides the fps drops, the game actually plays well. Whenever I was not dropping frames, I was actually somewhat enjoying playing Apex Legends here on the Nintendo Switch.
  2. I am going to be honest with you guys, before I even downloaded the game I knew that this game's graphical quality on the Switch was going to take a massive hit. I was preparing myself for what I was getting myself into, but even with all of mental preparation, I was definitely expecting what I was witnessing on the screen. The graphical quality on the Nintendo Switch is just so blurry to me, and I don’t think that I am the only one that Apex Legends on the Switch is blurry. Honestly, this is the only third party game that I have ever played where it has physically hurt my eyes because I have to squint in order to see what is going on around me. Now before people start getting mad at me, I know that people were excited that this game is on the Switch. But I cannot make myself say, “Wow, these graphics for Apex Legends on the Switch really are not that bad,” because I just do not think they are good. The game is just super blurry to me, and I had a hard time really spotting anything on the map.
  3. Also, another thing that I really struggled with here in Apex Legends on the Nintendo Switch is the fact that I could not spot anyone from a distance. I remember one game I was just running around, and all of a sudden I started getting shot at. The thing is, I could not spot where they were shooting me from no matter how hard I tried. The only reason I was finally able to spot them is because the squad started to push us and then they finally popped up on my screen. For me, this issue is something that needs to be patched asap. It pretty much makes long ranged combat worthless on the Switch port, and I am not going to force myself to play this port if I can’t really see anyone on the screen. There is only so much I can take before I just cut the game off and go play something else.
  4. Since the Switch is a hybrid console, I decided to try out Apex Legends in handheld mode and well, it is even worse in handheld mode. The game is still really blurry, I still could not see people off in the distance, and the game steadily dropped frames while playing in handheld mode. Also, one of the other things I noticed is that the sensitivity needed to be turned really high in order for me to move around like normal. So for me, I would definitely say that the game was worse in handheld mode.

Now that I have ranted about some of the issues with this port on the Switch, there are a couple of things I want to mention briefly that this port got right.

  1. For starters, Apex Legends on the Nintendo Switch does have gyro controls. For those of you who do not know, gyro controls are amazing for games like Splatoon or even other fps games on the Nintendo Switch. I was really excited to see them include gyro controls for the Apex Legends Switch port, and the gyro controls work pretty well. So if you are someone who plays Splatoon a lot and uses the gyro controls, you will definitely like the gyro controls on Apex Legends on the Nintendo Switch.
  2. Also, another thing that they implemented in this game was the ability to turn off crossplay with other platforms. Since the Switch port is running at 30fps, it is just not fair for Switch players to play against people on other platforms in my opinion. Plus, whenever I was playing with the crossplay turned off, I could definitely tell that there were a lot of newcomers to the Apex Legends game, and they would be getting absolutely destroyed by players on the other platforms.

Overall Thoughts on Apex Legends on the Nintendo Switch:

First off, I do applaud Panic Button for taking on another massive project. Panic Button has done great work for the Nintendo Switch, and I am sure that they will continue to port large titles over to the Nintendo Switch. With that being said, I do not think that Panic Button deserves to be blamed for the Switch port. Panic Button did the best they could with the Nintendo Switch’s hardware, and quite honestly, I think this is a sign for all of us Nintendo fans that we need some sort of Nintendo Switch Pro with some new hardware, because this game was definitely struggling on the Nintendo Switch.

With all of that being said, as of right now, I do not think that Apex Legends is worth the 18gb to download onto your Nintendo Switch. This port is very blurry, it is difficult to see people from a distance, the frame rate drops at the worst times, and it is not a good experience right now on the Nintendo Switch. If they patch some of the issues that plague this port, this game may be worth playing down the road. But as of right now, I can not recommend playing Apex Legends on the Nintendo Switch. If you have other platforms to play on, I would recommend playing on those. If you only have a Switch, I would personally wait until they patch some of the issues. But, if you are itching for a new fps game to play, then I guess you can always take the chance with Apex Legends since it is a free to play game.

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