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Archeage in 2019?

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Hello everyone! So, I know some of you may know this already, but here as of lately Archeage has really been getting some traction again and definitely deserves another go for those of you that have been on the fence or are looking for another MMO to play!

Cryy made a detailed video about all the changes and that’s really what first lead me on to trying again. I was an avid BDO player, and to be honest the recent content drought and the lack of group content was really been getting to me so I was looking for another game to play as a means to give my guild and I a “Break” and that’s when I ran into his video.

Here is the video for reference:

Key things to note that people will probably ask:

Is it p2w?

yes and no. The biggest thing with the cash shops currently is that you can still sell APEX and make gold, but that’s very WoW-esque to me so it never really bothered me, but a lot of the original reasons people quit are out of the game now. Rumbling trees, Labor pots in cash shop etc. Are all gone, also the gold you obtain although valuable is less of a hurdle over other players since the addition of the Hiram gear that allows you to be competitive in PVP without spending a dime on the game.


Healthy and getting healthier. All the old servers have now been merged into 2 Servers for each location. NA has two servers Aria, and Kadum, and EU has two servers (I don’t know their names) as well. Both servers on the NA side always show High levels of population and I’ve never had issues doing any content at all, and most of my guild and I have started fresh or relatively behind I.E level 50 from vanilla days etc. It seems between the amount of returning players and the merges the servers feel as healthy as you’d need them to be for a good mmo experience and that population is still growing as hopefully even more of you guys return!


What has changed?

Tons of new content compared to vanilla days, easier methods of obtaining Gilda stars, lots of world boss trains, and daily trains, Hiram gear which helps close the gap against the whales, and overall just more stuff to do.


This one can be tough, if you look you can find land, but it will be hard. The plus side is people are selling it constantly, and you can get some decent amounts of land for relatively fair prices. My guild and I bought 4 plots of 24×24 in Rookborne and paid 3.8k gold for it total. So, it’s doable to get land.


Regrading is basically not a thing anymore. With the new upgrading system, it’s just about farming materials and throwing them at your equipment and growing its rarity. A LOT of the RNG is gone, remember when regrading caused your equipment to go poof when you failed? That’s no longer a thing, instead it now gets crystallized and you can de-crystallize it with a scroll you earn through PVP honor and even if it's crystallized it’s still useable, you just will not be able to regrade it until you de-crystallize it. So, the game is a lot more forgiving.


Trion is no more. Gamigo (Aeria) bought out the company last year and has then taken control of all their games.

Overall, I made this post to really put more light on Archeage. When archeage first came out it was like a dream come true, and I’d really love to see it take off again especially since Trion is no longer in the picture. Although I know Gamigo doesn’t have a great track record, I’d rather have anyone have It, but Trion and so far, I am having a blast with the direction they’ve taken the game in the time they have had it.

TL;DR Archeage good again, and worth a try.

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