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Are Blank-slate protagonists becoming outdated?

Gamingtodaynews1f - Are Blank-slate protagonists becoming outdated?

Before I start I want to emphasize that there is a difference ,in video games, between a silent protagonist and a blank-slate protagonist. A silent-protagonist is a character that has no speech or voice lines but just because he or she is silent doesn't mean they lack personality, there personality is usually conceived through their actions and facial expressions (E.g Hat Kid, Mario (to some degree), the survivor from fallout 3, sack boy, Kirby or some incarnations of Link) , while blank-slate protagonist lack both voice lines and personality in order for the player to immerse themselves into the world of the game( e.g, Morgan freeman, BOTW Link, Chell or every customizable character ever) . While back in 80s to 90s no one really cared about the personality of the character they were playing because game play was the main hook for why we were playing but as games continue to evolve, a good story has now become a must in the AAA gaming space or a least any AAA or AA game that is trying to tell a story, and one of the most important things that makeup a story are characters.


Now In some scenarios, I don't mind a blank-stale either when the story is told through isolated world building or the gameplay is such a main focus to the point that there is no story. But with games that have voice-acted NPCs and supporting characters, it comes of as awkward watching these characters talk to you and you don't even as much as show a smile, I don't really find it interesting because while I'm controlling this character, this character is not me. In my opinion I never understood the need people seem to have to insert themselves into the game world. Most of the time there's already a story in place with well defined characters. You aren't a part of it, but that's okay. You're there to play the game and absorb the atmosphere through the eyes of whoever you're controlling. It's not your story. You don't have to be the protagonist. But you should be able to empathize with the protagonist and feel similar emotions as them. If you can't do that then games with lots of story aren't really for you. It even affects the non-Blank characters since they have to speak in a way that doesn't require you to respond. So all the dialog that is directed at you just comes off as lame exposition rather than an actual conversation.

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In my opinion I feel blank-slate protagonist may die out in the coming years as developers want to tell more stories with character development but what do you think, are they becoming outdated or they just okay as you see it.

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