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Are there any mmos with a non-combat focus?

Gamingtodaynews1f - Are there any mmos with a non-combat focus?

I tried out Lucent Heart with a friend, and immediate regret, but we were interested in it due to the supposed focus on player interaction and relationships. It showed promise but was held back by the abysmal fps and apparent bugs littering the game. But it got me thinking, are there any mmos with a focus on player interaction in earnest? And, to expand that, is there an mmo with a focus on something other than combat? Any and all answers are appreciated. I'm not looking for a specific mmo or one that you would recommend playing. Just, any and all mmos with a noncombat focus.


Edit: I guess to narrow the scope back down, I'm looking for games that, by design, place emphasis on actions in game that have nothing to do with combat. For example, a game with an advanced crafting systems and dedicated crafting classes are great and all, but if all that crafting does is make weapons and armor, then it's a system built in service to combat, which is not what I'm looking for. But a game that lets you, say, trade various goods between npcs or players, things like vases, fabrics, supplies, stuff that isn't necessarily about combat, or maybe something like a dancer where all you do is do little performances in a rhythm game or plan out choreography to perform for other players and npcs. Things like that, and anything else you can think of. Maybe an mmo with an in depth trophy fishing system or something, I dunno, I'm not very creative on the specifics. Just, an mmo that allows you to do things that have nothing to do with combat by design, rather than focusing on one thing that's meant to be used to support combat.

I would also like to emphasize, I'm not looking for games to play, and this question has nothing to do with my personal tastes. I'm simply gathering metrics because it's honestly just an intriguing question to me, can mmos succeed without going all in on combat, and how many have done so?

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