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Are we done with LOU2 talk yet? Because I just finished the game and can’t get over a major plot hole no one is talking about.

Gamingtodaynews1f - Are we done with LOU2 talk yet? Because I just finished the game and can't get over a major plot hole no one is talking about.

Just finished LOU2 and I'm positive on the game overall. Like many people though, I had some issues with the narrative and my biggest issue is one I haven't really seen voiced: Why does the game treat Joel killing Abby's dad as a bigger deal than Joel basically killing all of humanity? I understand the personal motivations for Abby and I think those are well explored, but why does no one else in the game have more than a passing grudge against the guy who single handedly stopped this world-saving vaccine from being created??

The game opens with Joel confiding in Tommy that he saved Ellie and thus doomed humanity. Tommy takes this confession surprisingly well, but he's willing to carry this secret "to the grave" if he has to. Clearly, it's understood that if this secret were to ever get out, it would mean the end of Joel and Ellie. Except that the secret is already out…Abby knows about it. Owen knows about it. Presumably all of the WLF knows about it. And certainly the Fireflies know about it. So why does this mission for revenge on Joel seem so exclusive to Abby. Obviously Joel killed her father, but he also condemned ALL OF HUMANITY to endlessly suffer. I understand that information likely can't spread too quickly in this post-apocalypse, but surely there would be TONS of people from various factions (at least the 2 we know of) that would make it their mission to hunt Joel down.


And Joel is hardly the most significant part of this equation. Ellie is still ostensibly the key to a vaccine. And as such, she is quite literally the most important person ON EARTH. Again, the Fireflies know this and the WLF must know this. How is the entire purpose of those factions anything other than capturing Ellie for the cure? Instead, the WLF is simply happy to help Abby satisfy her bloodlust and call it a day – back to feuding over land with a religious cult? And when Abby does finally find Ellie and has her dead-to-rights at the theater, she just LEAVES?!? That's the cure right there in front of you!!! That's your true salvation – making sure your father didn't die in vain! Grab this girl you've beaten half to death and bring her to the Fireflies! They must still have the ability to create the vaccine because why wouldn't they? And if the answer to that question isn't simply "of course they would", then what is the answer and why? But instead of dealing with any of this, we get an incredibly myopic if emotionally engaging perspective on the story.

The reason the ending of the first game was so impactful was because of the choice Joel made, the choice of one life over millions (or more). But, for whatever reason, the sequel doesn't seem all that interested in that choice. And beyond that, it just doesn't even really engage with it, which I just find profoundly odd. Again, I actually really enjoyed the game, but moreso on its own than as a continuation of what came before it.

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