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As a mmorpg fan, im sad with the current choice and states of games (review and rant)

Gamingtodaynews1f - As a mmorpg fan, im sad with the current choice and states of games (review and rant)

I have played quite some mmorpg's, and like fast combat that feels right and makes you come back for more. But i'm too bored or annoyed with current games.

Black Desert- An awesome looking game with the best combat system ever! But all you do to make good money and level up is to farm boring shit, every day again! No boss mechanics to learn…no dungeons…Just zerg world bosses and hope for a tiny bit of loot. Or kill mobs for hours for some loot. It has quite some variation of stuff to do, and i loved exploring its world, but its too repetive and without challenge in the end. Dont get me started about PVP, i have never seen a mmorpg so unbalanced as black desert is. I have full DUO gear, and some III weapons, and alot of enemys kill me in a single combo without me able to do anything back. And all those top tier players are rewarded for doing nothing but boring repetive stuff.

Tera- I love black desert graphics and combat. Tera has the cute elins that i love, and very similar action combat. But the graphics of tera are way, WAY old. Im sure nowadays phones can handle better graphics then the old game tera. And hey, im not really complaining that much about graphics. But what i am complaining about, is that tera in dungeons runs at a average 15fps for me, while black desert runs at 60fps for me. Both games at maximum graphics on a high-end PC. Never mind talking about pvp. not really playable with that frame a second performance. What i also hate is that they recycle more then in any game i have seen. Copy paste mobs again and again.


Blade & Soul- Love the combat, love the cute lyns. But the graphics are at issue here. I feel its worse then tera and it really gets to the level where i do not get satisfaction anymore from playing it. The world barely feels alive either. The voice actors are the absolute worst i have ever heard in my life as well. PVP is great however, and dungeons are fun as well. The grinding gets quite repetive but nothing as bad as black desert.

Revelation Online- What could have been a good upgrade from aion, tera and blade & soul turned into something very mediocre. The characters are of alot less quality then the other games mentioned above. They feel more fake, less alive and fluid in animation. The combat, while okayish, is definitely a downgrade compared to tera and blade & soul, and made me ultimately quit it. (after annoyances with the pay2win model that is quite heavy in this game)

Other mmorpg's are not focussed towards fast paced action combat, and i didnt really play much of those. For example i really liked the world detail and storys of the final fantasy mmorpg's but i could almost fall asleep on its combat system.

The game im waiting for is moonlight blade online currently, i will hate that there's not gonna be any monsters to fight, and that graphics are just a smallish upgrade compared to tera and blade & soul, but still most excited for this game coming to the west. There's many other games like Swords of Legends, God slayer online, Age of Wushu 2, justice online that i am interested in, but they dont seem to be coming to the west any time soon.

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