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As a statement of how damn durable the Switch (and Nintendo products in general) can be.

Gamingtodaynews1e - As a statement of how damn durable the Switch (and Nintendo products in general) can be.

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TL;DR switch fan stopped working and started working again after 1 year for seemingly no reason.

My Nintendo journey goes back to literally before my memory allows. Started out with the N64 and I don't need to explain how well that console stood up to spills or falls. Then the Gameboy (and GBA) got literally run over by a pickup truck and still worked like it was a mere eye irritation. Then we got a GameCube and while mine didn't take too much damage, it was still dropped more than a dozen times carrying my whole setup in at once to smash LANS, had some dents, nothing serious.

My Wii was my most gently used piece of hardware really just sat on my shelf as I used it and collected dust. Never over heated though! The DS (and 3DS)? while I took good care of mine I've seen people have to mount a bracket on the back because it was connected via a single cord.(now that's metal af I think)then came around the WiiU and Splatoon. Oh my Lord. When I say this thing (or at least the gamepad controller portion) can take a beating? I mean that VERY literally. I got hard core into Splatoon and there were many times my rage got the best of me. I would smash the whole thing against my face and just head but the shit out of it. After well over a year and a half of that i finally broke the display. BUT THE TOUCH SCREEN STILL WORKED (I had memorized where all the lobby button locations were for Splatoon) finally I traded in my WiiU and 3ds and got the switch.


I had to work hard to control my rage as I knew it would be costly to repair a whole screen, and I've done very well! When I got it I lived in Nevada in the hottest room in the house, and in order to smoke I would have to go out side. My fan was pretty much constantly on overdrive. Then I moved into a house where I was allowed to smoke indoors. Well my fan stopped working and for the past year I've had to use an external fan to keep it from over heating, as such I lost the ability to play hand held for 90% of my games.

Just as I'm getting financially stable enough to send it in for repairs my fan starts making sound like it should have just before it went out. Its like it's trying to work but can't. Then a couple days ago as I finished a play session of a game that would normally overheat my system within 20 minutes, I noticed that I had forgotten to turn on my external fan. And my switch just ran it for 3 hours non stop. My switch isn't even that hot in comparison. So I put my ear up to that little fan and felt the most angelic breeze as I heard it's soft whirr. I nearly cried tears of joy.

What are your experiences with the durability of the products you've purchased from Nintendo? I'd love to see if others have had the luck I've had.

Any time I am talking to someone about if they should buy a Nintendo product, I make sure to mention their durability. 10/10 will buy Nintendo consoles till the day I die. And that's all I got DONT FORGET TO LIKE COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE, MAKE SURE YOU HIT THAT BELL BUTTON FOR NOTIFS

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