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Atlas Daily Screenshots, Bounty System and Mutinies

Gamingtodaynews1e - Atlas Daily Screenshots, Bounty System and Mutinies

So the devs are releasing screenshots of their new game on a daily basis on Steam till it launches along with a few little tidbits of info on each screenshot:

Special interest is this one:

An officer in a horsedrawn carriage turns away from a grisly public execution in a Freeport. The resulting uniquely-identifiable player skulls can be used to trade for bounties on them.

So not only is there a bounty system in the game but you can have public executions of other players. Also, Gamespot released a new article with a few more details:

Of interest are the two main interests are:

One of the things we noticed in other games–well, other games being Sea of Thieves–is it wasn't really easy to play by yourself because you had to do every single thing on the ship yourself. And so that kind of limited the scope of the game for small groups of players or a single player. So we made it possible to recruit AI crew who you have to pay in gold and you have to feed, or they'll mutiny.



Stieglitz said that since your ship and your territory essentially make up your in-game life, they'll be difficult and time-consuming to capture. Don't expect to be boarded and then marooned on deserted islands every few minutes as you play.

There might be a bigger incentive to work alongside others, in groups called companies, than to plunder other players, though. As your territory expands, you'll be able to control it with NPCs to defend it, and you can even set up taxes and laws for other players who use your territory. Stieglitz said the biggest, most powerful territories and the companies who control them will be featured on a world map on the Atlas website, which may well incentivize other companies to band together to take them on.

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