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ATLAS: The Features Sound Great: Worth a Shot!

Gamingtodaynews1f - ATLAS: The Features Sound Great: Worth a Shot!

Atlas: A good Pirate PVP MMO?

In the video above, I outline the features promised in the upcoming MMORPG Atlas. Being developed by the creators of ARK, we are all a little skeptical. Me though, I haven't been following it, I found out about it from someone watching my streams, he was very hyped about it. I looked into it a little further and got excited.

ARK was a good game, it provided many of us with many, many hours of entertainment. ATLAS is much more ambitious. Open world, massive scale battles, exploration across the seas and land. Building our own ships, pvp across the sea, looking for treasures and resources.


It seems like the gameplay style is setup to be focused on PvP but it also offers an official PvE server. I will be trying out the PvP server though for the full experience.

Full character customization as would be expected as well as leveling up and skill trees.

But with 45,000 square kilometers of space to run about in with 40,000 players – this sound incredibly epic, fun, and enjoyable!

I'm going to be giving it a fair chance and see what it is all about! What about you guys? Who is hyped and who is already disappointed simply because the developers are making this new IP instead of going headstrong on ARK?

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