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Attack on Titan 2 is underrated af

Gamingtodaynews1f - Attack on Titan 2 is underrated af

i really want this post to get at least some traction… i think the game is underrated, and even as an 'anime' game there's A LOT going for it that people should at least know about.

briefly, over the past few months I've been heavily playing a mix of MHW, Dying Light, Destiny 2, FFXV Comrades and NieR: Automata. you can kind of see a pattern of mmo-lite action games. & these were all super fun in their own right but I was still craving something else

i looked into God Eater 3, even researched the Sword Art Online games to see what's out there etcetc. eventually I came across the Attack on Titan game, and holy fuck is the combat on point. (also, i shared a lot of the impressions


gameplay wise, it plays like a mix of Gravity Rush + NieR: Automata + Monster Hunter, wrapped up nicely under the typical ____ Warriors style game, but in a way that actually makes sense (the anime essentially seems to be about protecting your city from titans, almost like a tower defense sort of game. you can even build turrets).

gameplay loop goes like this, for both story and "Another Mode" (the online/offline portion):

  • hang out at the 'hub' with shops/crafting/NPCs to talk to and develop friendship levels Persona style (which net you skills to equip). if online on Another Mode there's other players in the same hub (but so far i've only seen a whopping TWO people online at once). apparently the story mode can also be co-op by using a similar SOS system like in MHW
  • equip your shit, and start the mission, either through Story Mode or Another Mode's mission system (think MHW with an actual hub)
  • each map/level is fucking HUGE and it can range from the inner city walls, to an outside forest, or some apocalyptic old castle ruins (probably more, i haven't seen them yet)
  • zoom zoom spiderman web swingz
  • kill titans (chop off body parts for crafting materials a la MHW)
  • save humanity


i had never bothered to watch AoT — i just knew that it was about titans eating the fuck out of the tiny humans, and some other depressing shit. i can 100% safely say that you could play this game without any knowledge of the series and still enjoy it fully, but now that i'm getting to know the world and the lore, I'm even more excited to watch the anime

some deserved criticism ~~ i've AoT2 reused a lot of the assets/story from AoT1 (while improving gameplay and gameplay systems) but because of that a lot of the reviewers knocked off points for that reason.

and you know how Omega Force musuo games are typically looked at negatively because of the repetitiveness, i think this game transcends that. they really managed to build an incredible gameplay system with some really fucking dope source material.

(super side note, apparently there will be a "Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle" and "Final Battle upgrade pack" for AoT2 that was JUST announced. nobody knows what it really is but it'll probably have all the DLC, and maaaaybe some good changes. the game was underlooked and under-appreciated and maybe this is their way of bringing people in

(from that linked article holy shit, PvP and better PvE?)

Final Battle also includes a Wall Reclamation Mode, where you get to put together your own squad (that won't have to be canon!) and take back territory from the Titans, and an anti-personnel battle experience where you take on ODM-equipped killers in wild aerial showdowns.

so tl;dr: attack on titan is awesome. i'd love to a chance to play with people too — still haven't been able to experience that yet, feel free to add my PSN: s_sssssky

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