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There's a growing BDO private server community who choose to escape the P2W aspect of BDO but is it worth it? CDO is being advertised as the new best private server for BDO, the truth is, it's a server riddled with bugs, incompetent staff working off stolen files with inability to improve and is simply a continuation of OgreFest – private server which wiped their playerbase and decided to re-brand to attract new players.

I have been playing CDO since beta tests and actively trying to support the team, the community and providing regular list of bugs, development ideas and improvements to the project lead with same mistakes and issues coming up. In my opinion, the server at its current stage is more likely to steal the money and run again, or wipe whenever things go south so here are my thoughts on CDO:

Stolen files, bugs, cheating & population

The server is riddled with bugs and I mean, you cannot play for half an hour and not come across a bug. You might log-in to the game but then get an error of duplicate login… well your only hope is to message a staff member on discord and sometimes wait 24-48 hours to be able to play the game. You won't be able to have your worker empire due to node and worker bugs, your class will likely not work correctly with some being unplayable. You also won't enjoy the simplest things of storage transport or character travel. You might think the bugs will get fixed eventually right? But will they? I spoke to a few people who played OgreFest (re-branded CDO recently) a few years ago and tried CDO as well and what they found was that the server is the same, with the dev team failing to fix the basic issues that existed back in OgreFest. Players duplicating their items, horses being stuck unless you relog, classes being broken with skills not working and many more bugs that existed then and still exist now. In fact, my friends would give me exact instructions on how items can be duplicated on CDO. That's not to mention the CDO staff have been giving people several chances when they were caught cheating by either using macros or bots to gain an advantage over other players allowing them to keep everything they gained.

As of now, the server did not have a major update for around 2 months with only small fixes such as increased/decreased drop rates or fixing a costume. This is the reason why the population of CDO is hitting the rock bottom with server averaging 200 active players at peaktime spread across four channels and with sheer scale of BDO, you hardly meet anyone in the game. After a server restart clears afk players, you can enjoy being listed in top list of players for each lifeskill because of hardly any active players being around.

'The latest content, faster than EU/NA retail!'


Of course, another lie we all came across when checking the server out was that because it's based on the korean client, we will get content and updates faster than even EU or NA retail players. Meanwhile, we are almost 4 months into the server launch, with months of beta tests and previously wiped server and at present we are still on Valencia patch, no node wars, no remastered, no Margoria even (an EU/NA update from 2016) or any of the even remotely new updates or content. Although remastered is promised to 'come soon', players have left the server already and anyone who played CDO since launch knows it's likely a year before the server even remotely catches up to either retail or GameZBD – the rival private server.

Of course the issue also lies in what the rival private server managed to do that CDO hasn't and won't for a long time – convenience & feature developments. The CDO community is begging for some improvements to the convenience when playing such as a drop filter where your pets can avoid looting heavy trash drops or even things like events or something to encourage people to keep playing which unfortunately, the server has none of that due to the staff simply not caring.

Incompetent team, & no change on horizon

A big seller during the betas, announcements and the website for all of us excited discord users was the communication from the team, staff members who were engaged and actively talking to the community on a daily basis. How we were all fooled by this… at present, the project lead for CDO has not been seen for at least 2 months or responded to any player DMs since January. There has been no announcements on progress, what is happening with the servers or plans for the future with the team completely ignoring any difficult questions and simply brushing people off. There have been players who paid for their subscription on CDO and not been able to receive the benefits for days.

The biggest and most important issue is how the staff are silencing people who are passionate about the server, have helped tremendously before and are voicing their frustrations. It's no coincidence that discord for CDO is silent as majority of the players have either been permanently muted for voicing their frustrations or are afraid of being muted or banned in-game as some have been in the past.

Unfortunately, my friends who previously reported game-breaking bugs are now gone, either muted with staff ignoring their messages to even find out why or simply have had enough of working harder than the team itself in keeping the server alive.

TL;DR – If you value your time, your money and want to save yourself frustration over a game, please do not try to play this server. It's riddled with bugs that limit your gameplay, incompetent staff, not big enough population to enjoy an mmorpg and lack of new content, developments or improvements. I'll be going back to retail BDO and enjoying it casually or trying GameZBD as an alternative private server – don't get fooled by CDO peeps.

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