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BDO should stop being recommended here.

Gamingtodaynews1f - BDO should stop being recommended here.

I’m sure I’ll get hate from the BDO white knights considering I used to be one of them but in all honesty this game is my first Gatcha KMMO and definitely my last.

I got into this game from the lull of AQ in Classic WoW and quickly fell in love with the graphics and combat like most people when they first launch it, and I quickly found myself dumping whole days just researching how to level, build a worker empire and in general progressing in the game.

I found a good guild, met some cool people and even made friends in the group chat thing.

Personally for me I thought I found this incredible game with great graphics, combat and depth and although I felt this way at first I slowly started to realize the game took a complete turn for the worse once I started actually spending money.

At first I figured I spent a 100 hours, base game cost me 5 bucks so fuck it why not get an outfit.

A single premium outfit costed me $40 dollars on top of that you have to spend an extra $7 to buy underwear in order to complete the in game set bonus that the cash shop out fits give you so now that’s a $50 purchase.

But there was something addicting about swiping that, like once you spend the first $50 then the next $50 for a tent becomes justifiable because look at all the time and money already invested!

The psychology behind the Pearl shop is interesting and I’m not ashamed to say it worked on me, because I had spent a couple hundred dollars within the first month of playing the game.


Where I cut myself off was when I realized you can buy these outfits in the in game marketplace but remember the in game bonuses you get for completing an outfit? There’s also outfits for riding horses, cooking, sailing that can’t be bought in game and those also require a $30 purchase each.

Then I looked at non-cash shop items and saw things going for billions of in game currency and realized that this is the entire game.

I’m either forced to

a) Grind away on mobs hoping items drop for me to enhance or sell for money or basically AFK lifeskill.


b) Spend copious amounts of money to avoid the grind but more likely than not I’m gonna have to grind either way.

This game has a warning sign that it uses drugs, alcohol and it’s for a mature audience but they need another warning sign for the game being a bait and switch.

They lure you in with all these pretty things like graphics and combat and lifeskill but once you figure out the gimmick, you realize it’s wasted potential due to a predatory company that built a whole payment system around paying for “convenience”.

I can’t say I regret spending the money or time because it let me see see how bad KMMOs really are, but people should understand the reality of this game before getting suckered in.

As the old saying goes, “Not everything that shines is gold”.

And this game couldn’t be a better example of that.

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